Season 1, Episode 13: Breaking Away

Season finale

AKA: "Decisions"

Aired: Tuesday, May 19, 1998


Teleplay by Mike White & Dana Baratta
Story by Jon Harmon Feldman
Directed by David Semel

Guest starring
Dylan Neal as Doug Witter
and Gareth Williams as Michael Potter
Helen Baldwin as Mrs. Tingle
Richard Fullerton as guard
ED Grady as Gramps
Featured music
"What Do You Do?" by Dog's Eye View (Doug pulls up by Pacey's bike)
"Angel" by Sarah McLachlan (Jen & Dawson lying in bed, Joey talking to her dad at the fence)
"I'll Be" by Edwin McCain (Joey finds Dawson & Jen in bed)
"Broken Road" by Melodie Crittenden (Dawson looking for Joey)
"Say Goodnight" by Beth Nielsen Chapman (Dawson & Joey kiss)