Season 3, Episode 10: First Encounters of the Close Kind

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Aired: Wednesday, December 15, 1999

Rating: 2.9/5


Written by Leslie Ray
Directed by Greg Prange

Special guest stars
Marla Gibbs as Mrs. Fran Boyd
Robin Dunne as AJ Moller
Guest starring
Bianca Lawson as Nikki Green
Adam Kaufman as Ethan
John Allore as Mr. Pruet
Ann Morgan as student #1
Brandon Odell as student #2
Mark Steelman as student #3
Jason Saucher as bartender
Greg Provance as Marky Mark
Jonathan Orgott as bus driver
Lisa Cafiero as woman's major student
Maya Tai Dorsey as college girl
Jonathan Frappier as know it all guy
Traci Dinwiddie as bo ho chic
Richard Dorton as gay man #1
Jamie Cheatham as gay man #2

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