Season 3, Episode 16: To Green, with Love

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Aired: Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Rating: 3.1


Written by Gina Fattore & Greg Berlanti
Directed by Ken Fink

Special guest stars
Robin Dunne as AJ Moller
Bianca Lawson as Nikki Green
Obi Ndefo as Bodie
Guest starring
Jessica Collins as Sherry Eisler
Lawrence Pressman as Dr. Fielding
Michael Hagerty as Matt Caulfield
With Obba Babatundé as Principal Howard Green

Michael J. Hunter as Richard Caulfield
Dawn Spinella as admistrative assistant
Melissa Bragg-Lumsden as student
Taylor Webb as random student #1
Lee Norris as random student #2
John Baker as PTA board member #1
Elaine Halee as PTA board member #2

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