Season 4, Episode 20: Promicide

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Aired: Wednesday, May 2, 2001

Rating: 3.2/5


Full synopsis

Written by Maggie Friedman
Directed by Jason Moore

Special guest stars
Sasha Alexander as Gretchen Witter
Mark Matkevich as Drue Valentine
David Monahan as Tobey
Steve Vernon as Limo Driver
Featured music
"You're An Ocean" by Fastball (trying on dresses and tuxes)
"I've Changed (Alternate Version)" by Josh Joplin Group (stopping by the market)
"Ruby's Gone" by Eva Trout (Dawson & Gretchen arrive)
"Talk Show" by Dig Deeper (Pacey and Joey talking about what's wrong)
"Sundrop" by Ego (Drue stopping Jen from drinking)
"Roses Around My Feet" by Tish Hinojosa (Dawson goes to Joey)
"When We Collide" by K.D. Lang (Tobey asks Jack to dance)
"Wonderful Thing" by Vagabond Lovers (Pacey loses it)
"Aftershocks" by Mary Beth (Drue saves Jen)
"20one" by Sid Six (Gretchen feels too old)
"Take My Hand" by Dido (the kiss)
"Whadify" by Everett Bradley (just before Gretchen dumps Dawson)

Soap Opera Digest gives Dawson's Creek a Thumbs Down for Ship of Fools. Everyone wants prom night to be perfect, and we all know that it rarely is. However, on Dawson's Creek, we didn't think that Capeside's shipboard gala would stray so far off course. Case in point: the deep freeze that Pacey gave Joey. Pacey (the perfect boyfriend a few episodes ago) suddenly turned into a jealous, self-pitying downer. With Joey's departure to further her education just around the bend, Pacey should be cherishing their time together. Instead, he's ruining it. So, okay, insecure teens can act like selfish jerks. But the Pacey we've known for four years would never humiliate Joey in front of everyone they way he cruelly did at the dance. And if we're to believe that his personality has been altered by his depressing conviction that he "doesn't deserve" Joey (even though she's told him a gazillion times that she loves him for who he is), it would've been nice to see it happen on-screen (the arrest for drunkenness and that weird phone call in prior episodes didn't cut it). Pacey wasn't the only one displaying inconsistent behavior. Joey had barely tossed out her home-pregnancy test before she threw herself at Pacey. Because Joey's older sister, Bessie, was an unwed mother, the usually responsible teen should've behaved better. Then there's Jen, who was present when drunken Abby drowned. Considering how traumatized Jen was by that event, she has exhibited shockingly similar behavior. And let's not forget Jack, who spent most of the season avoiding the "very out" Tobey. But on this love boat, Jack changed his tune in mere seconds when he planted a kiss on shocked date Tobey. We love Creek for its deeply drawn, complex characters, so it was especially disturbing to see the show compromise to move story along. Perhaps we'll just chalk this up to a bad case of "senioritis."

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