Season 4, Episode 5: A Family Way

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Aired: Wednesday, November 1, 2000

Rating: 3.8/6


Full synopsis

Written by Maggie Friedman
Directed by Nancy Malone

Special guest stars
Sasha Alexander as Gretchen Witter
Obi Ndefo as Bodie
Harve Presnell as Mr. Arthur Brooks
Guest starring
Carly Schroeder as Molly Say
Bridgett Newton as Caroline Say
Christian Durango as Billy
Avis-Marie Barnes as counselor
Featured music
"Everyone" by Five Way Friday (Andie and Jack first on soccer field)
"Just Another" by Pete Yorn (Dawson photographing Gretchen)
"Feel the Movement" by Bright Blue Gorilla (Jack talking to Andie about Caroline)
"Crest of Mary" by Verbow (Gretchen telling Dawsons about her pregnancy & ending montage)

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