Season 5, Episode 8: Hotel New Hampshire

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Aired: Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Rating: 3.2/5

Picture gallery

Written by Diego Gutierrez
Directed by Lev L. Spiro

Special guest stars
Busy Philipps as Audrey Liddle
Lourdes Benedicto as Karen Torres
Ian Kahn as Danny Brecher
Guest starring
Jordan Bridges as Oliver Chirchick
Pauley Perrette as Dr. Rachel Weir
Andrea Pearson as Nora
Ryan Bittle as Eric
Richard Reed as Polar Bear
Chris Blackwelder as random brother
Katie Kneeland as Tina
Willie Talbot as Trevor
George Lee Masters as festival director
Katherine Vernon as woman
Featured music
"Ride" by Liz Phair (Nora visits Jen at the radio station)
"Thinking Amelia" by Deb Talan (Jen crying to Dawson)
"Four Leaf Clover" by Abra Moore (getting ready for the formal)
"Every Reason" by Smalltown Poets (arriving at the formal)
"Jello" by Arlibido (Eric hitting on Audrey)
"The Moon and the Sun" by Heidi Berry (Dawson talking to Oliver)
"12th & Middle" by Brandtson (Joey gets mad at Jack)
"Stay Awhile" by The Underwolves (the morning after)

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