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Story books

Long Hot Summer (Dawson's Creek #1)
by K.S. Rodriguez & Kevin Williamson
August 1998
Calm Before the Storm (Dawson's Creek #2)
by Jennifer Baker, Kevin Williamson & Gertrude Pocket
October 1998
Shifting into Overdrive (Dawson's Creek #3)
by C.J. Anders & Kevin Williamson
December 1998
Major Meltdown (Dawson's Creek #4)
by K.S. Rodriguez & Kevin Williamson
February 1999
Double Exposure (Dawson's Creek #5)
by C.J. Anders
March, 1999
Trouble in Paradise (Dawson's Creek #6)
by C.J. Anders
June, 1999
Don't Scream (Dawson's Creek #8)
by C.J. Anders
December 1999
Tough Enough (Dawson's Creek #9)
by C.J. Anders
June 2000
Playing for Keeps (Dawson's Creek #10)
by C.J. Anders
August 2000
Running on Empty (Dawson's Creek #11)
by C.J. Anders
October 2000
A Capeside Christmas (Dawson's Creek #12)
by C.J. Anders
November 2000
Lighthouse Legend (Dawson's Creek #1)
by Holly E. Henderson & Liz Tigelaar
April 2001
Bayou Blues (Dawson's Creek #2)
by Anna Fricke & Barbara Siebert
June 2001
Mysterious Boarder (Dawson's Creek #3)
by Holly E. Henderson & Liz Tigelaar
July 2001
Dawson's Creek: The Beginning of Everything Else
by Jennifer Baker
May 1998
Dawson's Creek: Too Hot to Handle
by C.J. Anders
August 1999
British Columbia: The Romantic History of Dawson's Creek in Four Novels
by Janelle Burnham Schneider
August, 2000

Other books

They Don't Wanna Wait: The Stars of Dawson's Creek
by Kathe Tibbs & Biff L. Peterson
October 1999
Dawson's Creek: The Official Companion
by Darren Crosdale & Patty Rice
October 1999
Dawson's Creek: The Official Scrapbook
by K.S. Rodriguez
October, 1998
Trouble Waters: Dawson's Creek Programme Guide
by Scott Andrews
December 2001
Girl Next Door: All About Katie Holmes
by Beth Peters
February, 2000
Joshua Jackson
by Elina Furman
October 1999
Dawson's Creek 2002 Calendar Dawson's Creek Journal
by Darren Crosdale
January 2000


Songs from Dawson's Creek
April 1999
Including Paula Cole, Sixpence None The Richer, Sophie B. Hawkins, Chantal Kreviazuk, Jessica Simpson, and more
Songs from Dawson's Creek
October 2000
Including Jessica Simpson, Shawn Colvin, Five for Fighting, and more