Old News (1999-2000)

12.29.00 - "Dawson's Creek" has been nominated for two TV Guide Awards: Actor of the Year in a Drama Series (Joshua Jackson) and Actress of the Year in a Drama Series (Katie Holmes).

12.21.00 - Amy Amatangelo at dish this says that Joey and Pacey's is the best love story of the year on TV.

12.11.00 - TV Guide Online: Dawson Meets Alexander the Great - Summer may be over, but things are just heating up on "Dawson's Creek" thanks to the arrival of Sasha Alexander...

11.14.00 - TV Guide Online addresses rumors that Katie Holmes may be guest starring on future episodes of "Friends."

11.14.00 - Joshua Jackson will star in the big screen comedy "Lone Star State of Mind." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jackson will juggle both his WB series and the film when shooting begins in January. Dave Semel - who has directed Jackson during Creek's first two seasons - will make his feature directorial debut with "Lone Star."

11.8.00 - Katie Holmes is expected to attend the premiere of "Dr. Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas" on CityWalk tonight, Wednesday, November 8th.

11.8.00 - Joshua Jackson will guest star on the November 19th episode of "The Simpsons" on FOX.

10.27.00 - Soap Opera Digest reports that Joshua Jackson was scheduled to take a break from filming in Wilmington, NC to attend the October 19th nuptials of Scott Foley ("Felicity") and Jennifer Garner ("Time of Your Life").

10.26.00 - "Dawson's Creek" has been given a special achievement SHINE Award. The SHINE Awards honor TV programs that deal with issues of family planning and sexuality. "On Dawsons, the writers and producers have addressed everything from parent-child communication and partner communication to normalizing condom use among young people and HIV testing," said Kate Langrall Folb, director of the Media Project. "Not only have they been consistent about portraying these issues but also they have made a commitment to use any appropriate opportunity to impart important sexual health information. We applaud their courage and vision."

10.24.00 - The WB: Politically Correct Josh Jackson

10.14.00 - "Urban Legend," starring Joshua Jackson, will be on The Movie Channel Sunday, October 28th.

10.10.00 - Zap2It: Smith Remembers TV Father

10.10.00 - David Dukes (Mr. McPhee) died yesterday after collapsin on the set of "Rose Red." Helen Glaum, hospital supervisor at St. Claire Hospital in Tacoma, Washington said that it was not yet known what caused Dukes to collapse, and resuscitation measures failed to revive the 55-year-old actor.

10.9.00 - Soap Opera Digest reports that 10 songs by musical artist Lynne Timmes have been bought for use on "Dawson's Creek."

10.2.00 - Don't miss the cover story of this week's Entertainment Weekly, the report on Gay Hollywood 2000. It includes some quotes from Kevin Williamson. Also, on page 35 of the same issue, there is an interview with Kevin Williamson and Greg Berlanti about their experiences as gay directors in Hollywood.

9.26.00 - CheckOut.com: Kerr Smith Chat Transcript

9.25.00 - Katie Holmes will be on the cover of the November issue of Detour Magazine.

9.25.00 - Katie Holmes is on the cover of this month's issue of Jane Magazine.

9.22.00 - Joshua Jackson will be on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" on Wednesday, October 4th.

9.15.00 - TV Guide Online: Danny Passes Straight Acting Test - Danny Roberts, best known as the swoon-worthy gay guy from MTV's The Real World, makes his acting debut on the October 4th season premiere of Dawson's Creek.

9.14.00 - Paul Stupin (executive producer) and John McCullough (music supervisor) will be chatting on dawsonscreek.com on September 28th at 8pm ET. They'll be discussing the new soundtrack and season four!

9.13.00 - "Don't Tell Me" by Madonna can be heard as the background music on the new WB promo for season 4.

9.11.00 - Soap Opera Digest quotes James Van Der Beek at the Teen Choice Awards: "We were basically the first of the teen dramas," noted James Van Der Beek, after accepting the award for Choice Drama. "And it's great to be able to thank the fans." Van Der Beek also praised "Dawson's Creek" for its universal and realistic appeal to teens. As for his own teenage years? The actor admitted to feeling like he hasn't quite grown out of the awkward stage yet...

9.8.00 - Michelle Williams and the rest of the cast and filmakers of HBO's "If These Walls Could Talk" series were honored this year at the Women in Film's Seventh Annual Lucy Awards luncheon.

9.8.00 - The second Dawson's Creek soundtrack is due to be released on October 3rd, the day before the Season 4 premiere.

9.8.00 - Joshua Jackson is up for TV's Sexiest Guy on CosmoGIRL! Vote now.

9.3.00 - According to www.film.com, Katie Holmes recently had to drop out of the feature film "40 Days & 40 Nights" due to conflicts with shooting "Dawson's Creek." Vinessa Shaw (the prostitute from "Eyes Wide Shut") will be taking over the female lead role in the movie.

8.30.00 - American Eagle Outfitters Inc. has signed on for a second year as the official clothing provider for "Dawson's Creek."

8.24.00 - The new Dawson's Creek 2001 16 month calendar (it starts in September 2000) is now available at the online Sony store.

8.21.00 - From Tea with Ted at E!Online: Britney Spears, of course, is in talks to make an appearance on the vampyric prime-time show [Buffy]. This is reminding a few WB folks that the busty star was originally scheduled to make her panting dramatic debut on Dawson's Creek, only to be reportedly nixed by James Van Der Beek, who didn't want the babe within strutting distance of his trailer. Something about not wanting "that teenybopper" around. Oh, please. Look who's dissing! Mr. Pimples&Dimples himself!

Beek, as Dawson's insiders have gabbed to me, is giving Sarah Michelle a run for her daggers. "Fellow actors on the show despise his antics," says a wader in the Creek. Offenses reportedly include yelling "cut" when he pleases, making innumerable script changes, holding up shooting and demanding excessive bonuses in the seven-figure range. ("Ludicrous," J.V.D.B.'s rep says to the charges, particularly the green one.) Hmmm. Do you think I should tell Mr. Four Names that studio execs are not afraid of him, particularly as they are exceedingly aware that audiences are responding to Josh Jackson's increasingly sexual character, Pacey, rather than to the consistently ambiguous Dawson? Better not. James has such a purty puss, I'd hate to see a scowl come over it.

8.18.00 - It has been confirmed that Katie Holmes will be baring her breasts in Sam Raimi's upcoming thriller, "The Gift."

8.15.00 - Danny from MTV's "The Real World" will be guest starring on the season premiere of "Dawson's Creek" in October. See the previews page for more info on his character.

8.14.00 - The Parent's Television Council, the self appointed ruler of television morality, has declared Dawson's Creek the most offensive show on network television. The judgment was due to Jack declaring his homosexuality, and the character of Jen (played by Michelle Williams), who they feel continuously exhibits "an almost obsessive focus on premarital sexual activity." This is the second time the council has awarded Dawson's Creek with the top spot. On the opposite end of the morality spectrum, the council felt a exemplary program was 7th Heaven, a show about a minister and his huge family. The council felt the show offers "advice most people can relate to."

8.10.00 - Zap2It: Dawson's Producer Is King of Hearts - Dawson's co-executive producer Greg Berlanti ventured to West Hollywood for his feature film debut, "Broken Hearts Club."

8.7.00 - Joshua Jackson won a Teen Choice Award as Choice TV Actor and "Dawson's Creek" won Choice TV Drama.

8.1.00 - Katie Holmes has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award for her chemistry with Barry Watson in "Teaching Mrs. Tingle." Joshua Jackson has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award for being a good liar in "The Skulls." Joshua Jackson has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award as Choice Actor for his role in "Dawson's Creek." Katie Holmes has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award as Choice Actress for her role in "Dawson's Creek." "Dawson's Creek" has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award as Choice Drama. The awards ceremony will air on Fox on Tuesday, August 22nd.

8.1.00 - Keep an eye out for mentions of the cast in Rolling Stone (Australia), Jump, Teen Movieline, InStyle, and Hot!

8.1.00 - Joshua Jackson will be a guest voice in the upcoming season of "The Simpsons." He will play an environmental activist on whom Lisa develops a crush.

7.26.00 - Zap2It.com: WB's entertainment president on the likelihood of Williamson's return to "Dawson's Creek"

7.20.00 - Shooting for the 4th season begins July 24th and the Season 4 season premiere date is October 4th.

7.13.00 - James van der Beek was spotted cozying up with new love Heather McComb ("Party of Five,") in Jamaica a couple of months ago, and the couple is living together in New York this summer.

7.1.00 - In the August issue of Teen Magazine there are some tidbits on "Dawson's Creek" under the heading of "The Creek is Graduating This Year."

6.30.00 - TV Guide Online: Van Der Beek's Strip Club Etiquette

6.30.00 - Joshua Jackson was listed as one of the 100 most eligible bachelors in the July 10th issue of People magazine. He was #22. People Online will forward your email along to him if you want to put yourself in the running to make him less single.

6.29.00 - Wanda at E!Online says that there will be no new cast members next season.

6.29.00 - The June 30th issue of Entertainment Weekly reports that the reason Britney Spears never did appear on "Dawson's Creek" was because the cast was never sold on it and they didn't appreciate being bullied by the studio.

6.29.00 - Michelle Williams has been named the "It 'Creek' Girl" in the June 30th issue of Entertainment Weekly.

6.29.00 - Rachael Leigh Cook (Devon) has been named the "It Go-To Girl" in the June 30th issue of Entertainment Weekly.

6.29.00 - Mike White, a onetime writer for "Dawson's Creek" and "Freaks and Geeks," has been named the "It Geek" by the June 30th issue of Entertainment Weekly.

6.11.00 - Today is Joshua Jackson's birthday!

6.9.00 - The Hollywood Reporter tells us that James Van Der Beek has signed on to star in writer/director Todd Solondz's as yet untitled film along with Selma Blair ("Zoe..."), Heather Matarazzo ("Now and Again") and Emmanuelle Chriqui ("Manchester Prep"). Van Der Beek will be playing a cold, sophisticated big man on campus.

6.8.00 - Yesterday Joshua Jackson's car was robbed in Vancouver. Read more...

6.7.00 - Don't miss the summer diaries that started today on the official Dawson's Creek web site. The diary entries describe what all the Capeside character are up to this summer, including the sleeping arrangements on True Love. The diaries are updated weekly.

6.7.00 - Check out the article in the June 9th issue of Entertainment Weekly about the big kiss between Jack and Ethan during May sweeps.

6.7.00 - James Van Der Beek was going to play a young pilot in an upcoming 20th Century Fox film called "Behind Enemy Lines," but had to drop out of the project because the filming started later than expected and conflicted with his commitment to "Dawson's Creek."

6.7.00 - Katie Holmes is in negotiations to star in a new Universal/Miramax film called "40 Days and 40 Nights," but it looks like filming may interfere with the filming of "Dawson's Creek."

6.6.00 - Soap Opera Digest salutes the best, and this week picked "Dawson's Creek," specifically the "heartbreaking reveal of Joey and Pacey's secret romance."

6.3.00 - The New York Daily News reports that Katie Holmes vamped along with drag diva Dean Johnson when his band, Velvet Mafia, played CBGBs.

6.3.00 - Joshua Jackson is being considered for the role of John F. Kennedy Jr. in the Fox Television biopic.

6.3.00 - From Teen Mag Online: This summer James will be co-starring in the Civil Way drama "Texas Rangers," with "The Practice's" yummy Dylan McDermott. Katie will be shooting the 2001 movie "40 Days and 40 Nights" with Ashton Kutcher from "That '70s Show." Kerr is shooting "Forsaken," another 2001 movie with Johnathon Schaech (who's engaged to Christina Applegate, btw). Meredith will star in "Mary Jane's Last Dance," a thriller hotties Taye Diggs, Scott Bairstow ("Party of Five") and "That '70s Show's" Mia Kirshner. Michelle has just signed to shoot "Beatrice" with "Party of Five's" Michael Goorjian, in a story about a very disturbed guy who escapes from a mental hospital. Josh, at last check, was (shockingly) not attached to a big screen project for the summer, and who said he was planning on traveling through Africa if no work plans materialized.

6.1.00 - Michelle Williams is in final talks to star in a new film written and directed by Michael Goorjian ("Party of Five") called "Beatrice."

5.22.00 - According to The Hollywood Reporter, Katie Holmes is in talks to play Rene Russo's daughter in the upcoming Disney feature film, "Big Trouble." The Barry Sonnenfeld flick also stars Tim Allen. Holmes's deal hinges on whether she can balance "Big Trouble" with her Dawson's commitment.

5.16.00 - The WB has announced that not only is "Dawson's Creek" renewed for another season, it will be keeping its Wednesday 8pm ET time slot.

5.16.00 - Soap Opera Digest gives "Dawson's Creek" a Thumbs Up for the Pacey/Joey relationship, and a Thumbs Down for just about the rest of the show.

5.7.00 - From the New York Daily News: Dawson's Creek" heartthrob James Van Der Beek segued from filming the movie "Texas Rangers" to making a speech about America's youth at the UN the other day. Remembering the blood shed at Columbine High School, the actor reminded officials that "the two selfish cowards can hardly be considered indicative of a community, much less a generation."

4.28.00 - Michelle Williams has joined Anne Heche and Christina Ricci in the cast of the new movie, "Prozac Nation," based on the book by Elizabeth Wurtzel.

4.24.00 - Wilmington Star: SCREEN PLAY VIDEO CLOSED, FOR NOW. 'Dawson' can't save real-life store. The owners of the television landmark are ready to cancel Screen Play Video, the real-life workplace of fictional characters on Dawson's Creek, unless a buyer saves it in the 11th hour.... more

4.23.00 - Entertainment Weekly this week has a bit about James Van Der Beek's new movie, "Texas Rangers." "If Van Der Beek in chaps doesn't open this movie, Dawson might be up another kind of Creek."

4.20.00 - The April 25th issue of Soap Opera Digest reports that Joshua Jackson is no longer dating Brittany Daniel (Eve).

4.16.00 - "Dawson's Creek" won a GLAAD Media award for Outstanding TV Drama Series.

4.15.00 - TV Guide Online is taking a poll. Who's sexier, Katie Holmes or Holly Marie Combs?

4.14.00 - Katie Holmes has been nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss with "Teaching Mrs. Tingle" co-star Barry Watson.

4.12.00 - Vote for who you think is sexier on TV Guide Online: James Van Der Beek or Joshua Jackson.

4.11.00 - Ultimate TV: Joshua Jackson Enjoys his Fifteen Minutes

4.11.00 - China Chow ("Head Over Heels") has signed on as one of the leads for "Young Americans."

4.7.00 - James Van der Beek will be the special guest at the Ninth International Conference on Health and Environment which will be held at the United Nations, on Friday, April 28 by Global Partners for Global Solutions. Van der Beek will speak on "Social Responsiblity - the potential of the next generation." Registration is free but you must register in advance at WIT1986@aol.com or FAX at 212/686-2172. Lunch at the Delegates Dining Room with James Van der Beek is $125.00. Limited seating.

4.5.00 - From TV Guide Online: Britney Spears once thought of boycotting Entertainment Tonight. Last fall, after Britney told the show she'd be appearing on Dawson's Creek, ET embarrassed the pop star by airing an interview with the producers of Dawson's Creek who said they had no such plans. Months later, Spears is still angry, but her rep denies that she ever threatened a boycott. A rep for ET declined to comment.

4.4.00 - Interview with Katie Holmes in ET Online

4.4.00 - Joshua Jackson in The Toronto Sun

4.3.00 - Adam Kaufman (Ethan) has landed the lead role in a one-hour pilot called "The Only Living Boy in New York" from the producers of "thirtysomething."

4.3.00 - Keep an eye out for Joshua Jackson in the upcoming movie, "Gossip." Click here for a trailer, but be warned, this is a huge movie file.

4.2.00 - James Van Der Beek in Connecticut Magazine

4.2.00 - Joshua Jackson in Teen Movieline

3.31.00 - Joshua Jackson Q&A on E! Online

3.31.00 - Reviews of Joshua Jackson's new movie, "The Skulls."

3.30.00 - Naples Daily News: "Dawson's Creek" cross promotion to launch show.

3.29.00 - TV Guide Online: Dawson's Hunk Talks trash. James Van Der Beek says the show's writers are partly to blame for the soft ratings of late.

3.24.00 - Look-alike contest! If you look just like one of the stars of "Dawson's Creek," send the WB your photo and enter their Dawson's Creek Look-alike contest. Your photo will be posted on WB web sites, inviting fans all over the internet to vote for you as THE FAN who looks most like a character from Dawson's Creek. Visit WB TV affiliate web sites for more information on how to enter.

3.23.00 - In this week's "Faces & Places" section of US Weekly, there was a short bit about Chris Klein. Creek Love: Klein won't discuss his rumored romance with Katie Holmes of Dawson's Creek: "If you are lucky enough to have someone in your life, you just appreciate it."

3.23.00 - In this week's "Newsbreak" section of US Weekly where stars pick their Oscar faves, Katie Holmes is quoted: "I was really excited for Hilary Swank [Boys Don't Cry]. I thought that she did a great job. I thought that Tom Cruise was amazing in Magnolia. When Tom Cruise can be unlikable, he must be doing something right."

3.23.00 - In this week's US Weekly there is a two-and-a-half page article on Michelle Williams.

3.23.00 - Look for Dylan Neal (who plays Pacey's older brother) in the made-for-TV movie "The President's Men" on CBS on Sunday, April 2nd, at 9pm ET.

3.21.00 - The March 21st issue of Soap Opera Digest reports that Katie Holmes and boyfriend Chris Klein made their first public appearance together at the premiere of "Wonder Boys" and Joshua Jackson, who is Holmes's ex, is now dating co-star Brittany Daniel (Eve).

3.20.00 - Check out the reviews of Kerr Smith's latest film, "Final Destination."

3.10.00 - "Dawson's Creek" has received a nomination for a GLAAD Media Award. The awards will be presented in April.

3.5.00 - On March 31st ,2000, "The Skulls" opens in theaters everywhere, starring Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker, and Leslie Bibb. Visit the official website for more information!

3.2.00 - Michelle Williams will be starring in a movie she wrote with Amy Danles called "Don't Blink."

2.24.00 - Read in TV Guide Online how Michelle Williams would like to leave "Dawsons's Creek."

2.10.00 - On TV Land's list of the 2000 best things on television, "Dawson's Creek" is #1371.

12.18.99 - Soap Opera Digest reports that Joshua Jackson and Brittany Daniel (Eve) are an item.

8.5.99 - The AP reports that Joshua Jackson and an unidentified friend saved two female swimmers from rough waters off Wrightsville Beach, NC, last Tuesday night.

8.3.99 - "Dawson's Creek" won the award for Choice drama last Sunday at the 1999 Teen Choice Awards. Joshua Jackson was also awarded the Choice actor on TV award, and James Van Der Beek received an award for his Breakout performance in "Varsity Blues."

7.31.99 - Meredith Monroe is engaged to long-time boyfriend Steven Kavovit.

6.8.99 - According to the BBC, James Van Der Beek will be making $75,000 per episode this upcoming season. Pretty impressive when you consider that when the show first premiered he was making $7,500 per episode.