Many of the episode info pages have quotes from individual episodes, but here's a collection of great quotes from many different episodes that Inés put together.

Joey: "I hope a deer tick crawled in your ear and layed eggs."

Jen: "Um, I wonder if Pacey loves me yet."

Dawson: "Joey Potter, you vulgar little thing."

Dawson: "I believe in Happy Endings, Eve."

Jen: "Roswell's on in five minutes anyway."

Joey: "I thought you were a loser all those years and you never believed me."
(dont know if it is the exact quote, something like that)

Dawson: "Mom and Dad, you met Joey, right?"

"I don't know, Lindley, and I don't care. All I know is that in November of 1999, four hyper-verbal teens went into the woods on Witch Island to make a stupid documentary for history class. Eight hours later, two of them started making out..."

"I just think our emerging hormones are destined to alter our relationship and I'm trying to limit the fallout."

Joey to Jen: "Well, let me tell you about Dawson. Granted he's articulate for his age, but he's not exactly mature. He's a classic only child. He pouts if something doesn't go his way. And sees things only in black-and-white... anything else confuses him. And when it comes to women, there have been popes who've had more experience. I mean, the guy was a shrimp up until last summer. To say his sex life is limited is the understatement of the decade. It's barren. A desert. I don't envy what you have to deal with, believe me..."
Jen: "So what would you do?"
Joey: "The same as you. I'd get hurt... I'd get mad... I'd get confused. I'd ask people for advice. Maybe the wrong people. And then I'd wait... For him to come around."
Jen: "And how long does that take?"
Joey: "Oh, don't go by me. I'd probably be stupid enough to wait forever."

Joey: "I have all these feelings -- these weird feelings -- and I've had this burning desire to express them. But I can't. I just can't. And these feelings -- they're trapped -- they're like stuck in my heart... And I just feel so lonely."
Dawson: "Joey. You're not alone. I was here for you in sixth grade and I'm here for you now. Nothing you could say will change that. You can tell me anything --anything... Maybe if you talk about these feelings that you have -- maybe they won't be so strong anymore -- maybe you'll feel free, you know?"
Joey: "I can't. I'm afraid. 'Cause if I say it, I can never take it back."

Joey: "Well, for the rest of the semester you'll be known as the guy Jen dropped. Most girls will view you as tainted goods..."

Dawson: "...I don't know. I mean, I want to be her friend. But then again, I don't. You know? I mean, how can you simply be friends with someone when every time you look at them, you're thinking about how much more you really want?"
Joey: "Well, I'm no expert, but I think it can be done, Dawson."

Pacey: "The time has come to ask yourself some serious questions, Dawson. Because it seems to me you're exhausting an awful lot of energy over a girl you call your friend. So let's settle it once and for all. Who is it, Dawson? Who's the one you really want? Is it Jen or is it Joey? The blonde or the brunette? Because these questions aren't going away, Dawson. And I think it's time for you to start providing some answers."

Joey: "I thought that this is what I wanted. For you to see me as beautiful. For you to look at me the way you look at Jen. But the truth is, that's not really what I want at all. I want you to look at me and see the person that you've always known and realize that what we've had is so much more incredible than just some passing physical attraction. 'Cause you know what Dawson? It's just make-up -- and hairspray -- and tomorrow I'll be back to being Joey. Just Joey. The too tall girl that lives on the wrong side of the creek."

Dawson: "Joey, give me a minute here. This is -- this is all new to us and we should talk about this because, I mean, we can't just go back to things the way they were. I mean this is out there now -- forever, and, it's huge -- and whatever happened here, we can't take it back -- ever. I mean, we have to face this and even though I don't quite know how --"

Joey: "-- you've had a lifetime to process your feelings for me, Dawson. I can't spend the rest of mine hoping you might throw a glance in my general direction between your tortured teen romances with whatever Jen Lindley rolls into your life next."

Joey: "I'm so tired of this, Dawson. I'm tired of the way we relate to one another. We spend all our time analyzing every detail of our sad little adolescent lives."
Dawson: "I'll admit we know too many big words, but it's a good thing to analyze."
Joey: "But it doesn't get us anywhere. It doesn't move us forward. We're in the same place we were three months ago. It's time to grow up, Dawson."
Dawson: "I know. But we can...we are growing up..."
Joey: "No, we're not. Everyday's the same. We watch a movie -- preferably a Spielberg film -- find the appropriate life correlation and then pat ourselves on the back for being so clever. And while our perception is usually dead on, our honesty is seriously lacking... I don't wanna dance around big words anymore, Dawson. I want to be honest."
Dawson: "Me, too. More than anything -- I want to be honest with you, Joey."

Joey: "Yes. I could spend the rest of my life worrying about Jen Lindley and your unfortunate need to take care of her, but there are so many more things for me to think about. Like France, for instance. Do you know why I didn't go to France, Dawson? Because I wanted to go. So badly. I mean, in France I could have started over. I wouldn't be Joey, the waitress. Or Joey, the daughter of a convict. Or Joey, the white trash girl on the creek. Or Joey, half of the "will they or won't they" couple of the century. I didn't go to France because it seemed like the easy way out. The easiest escape from my life, which in spite of a few highlights is pretty pathetic. And I didn't want to take the easy way out, because I figured that sticking around here would make me stronger. That I would learn more here, and in the midst of life's little tragedies I would grow. And there was you, too. Dawson Leery, who finally got a clue. And it seemed like no matter what else happened, I would be secure in that. But I have to tell you, Dawson, as complicated as our friendship was, it doesn't even compare to how complicated whatever you and I have here is bound to be. And never in my life has taking the easy way out seemed like exactly what I need to do."

Joey (to Dawson about Eve): "You're so blinded by her cover girl looks, you wouldn't notice if she did. I'll bet when she handed you that test you didn't even fire one ethical comment her way? Did you? No. It's just your friends that have to suffer through Dawson Leery's morality play. Bleached blonde ho-bags willing to put out need not audition."

Andie: "Doesn't it bother anyone what this says about our group's level of integrity?"
Pacey: "I think I speak for "our group" when I retort with a hearty, 'No.'"

Pacey (to Dawson): "If it isn't Inspector Get-A-Clouseau. What brings you around these parts at this late hour?"

Jen's Cheerleading Speech: "When you see Belinda and her clique in the hallway... you're desperately wishing that you were walking with them, aren't you? And you're thinking that maybe if you were wearing the right shoes, sporting the latest hairstyle and using the hottest shade of lip gloss, then maybe they would toss a glance in your direction. Ever wonder why they force their small minded opinions down our throats? Perhaps it's because they have an inkling of what the future has in store for them beyond graduation. Cut to: Twenty-five years from now Belinda McGovern wakes up one morning feeling empty. Maybe it's because her Dartmouth educated lawyer husband, "Tad" has run off to Tijuana with their daughter's roommate from boarding school. Or maybe it's because their twins Timmy and Tommy call her by her first name and their live-in housekeeper, Mom. Or maybe it is Belinda's daily 2 o'clock, 4 o'clock, 7 o'clock, and 9:15 showdown with her bottle of Prozac? Her life has become a domestic wasteland. Avoid this fate. Don't let yourself become another cookie-cutter blonde, size four, rah-rah-siss-bam-boom, mindless, soul-less, spineless wench. Screw these auditions. Screw cheerleading! And screw Belinda McGovern!"

Pacey: "Ever stop to think about how much hormonally charged energy you put into the quick quips and biting banter? Your life would be considerably more productive if you took some, what's that word again, oh that's it -- action."

Joey: "Like voluntary manslaughter."
Pacey: "Like sticking out your thumb."
Joey: "Yeah and what else? Hike up my skirt, pout my lips and strike a pose for some horndog trucker? Stick out your thumb you sexist toad."

Joey in Tamara's Return: "Don't you see, Dawson? I wasn't fighting with you. I was fighting with myself. Because part of me wanted to send you running away, and part of me just wanted to hold you tight."