In Syndication

Syndicated episodes on TBS

TBS airs old syndicated episodes of Dawson's Creek. Below is a tentative schedule:

Mon. Oct. 16 9am Use Your Disillusion (S5)
Tue. Oct. 17 9am High Anxiety (S5)
Wed. Oct. 18 9am Text, Lies and Videotape (S5)
Thur. Oct. 19 9am Hotel New Hampshire (S5)
Fri. Oct. 20 9am Appetite for Destruction (S5)
Mon. Oct. 23 9am Something Wild (S5)
Tue. Oct. 24 9am Sleeping Arrangements (S5)
Wed. Oct. 25 9am Something Wilder (S5)
Thur. Oct. 26 9am Guerilla Filmmaking (S5)
Fri. Oct. 27 9am Downtown Crossing (S5)

Syndicated episodes on The N

The N (Noggin) is now airing syndicated episodes of Dawson's Creek as well. Below is a tentative schedule:

Tue. Oct. 17 12am After Hours (S5)
Wed. Oct. 18 12am Highway to Hell (S5)
Thur. Oct. 19 12am Guerilla Filmmaking (S5)
Fri. Oct. 20 12am The Kids Are Alright (S6)
Sat. Oct. 21 1am After Hours (S5)
Sun. Oct. 22 1am Highway to Hell (S5)
Tue. Oct. 24 12am The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest (S6)
Wed. Oct. 25 12am Full Moon Rising (S2)
Thur. Oct. 26 12am Escape From Witch Island (S3)
Fri. Oct. 27 12am Living Dead Girl (S6)