Season 2, Episode 12: Uncharted Waters

I can't do this by myself.

Aired: Wednesday, January 27, 1999


Written by Dana Baratta & Mike White
Directed by Scott Paulin

Special guest stars
Meredith Monroe as Andie McPhee
Kerr Smith as Jack McPhee
Monica Keena as Abby Morgan
John Finn as Mr. John Witter
Michael Hess as Perry
Deborah Hobart as Mrs. Morgan
Featured music
"Heaved Away" - MacKeel (opening scene)
"Watch Your Step" - Matthew Ryan (Mr. Witter pulls over their bikes)
"If I Had A Boat" - Lyle Lovett ("Kinda makes you wannna chuck it all and become a fisherman.")
"I'm Cool" - Reel Big Fish ("We need to work together like a well-oiled machine.")
"C'est La Vie" - B*Witched (Good Will Humping)
"Slowly I Turned" - Black Toast (background music in the bar)
"Ode to Stevie" - Black Toast (background music in the bar)
"Suburbia" - Moxie ("What kind of journalist are you? Oh, I know, a trashy one that sleeps around.")
"My Door Is Always Open" - Binge (Dawson & Mitch talking at the dock)
"Bottoms Up" - Black Toast (Pacey and dad playing darts)
"Peace In The Water" - Robynn Ragland (girls on camera talking about teen life)
"Best Of Me" - Far Too Jones (reeling in the big fish)
"This Pain" - Adam Cohen ("It kinda sucks that the people I respect the most are the people who I become most competitive with.")