2nd Season

#1 The Kiss
#2 Crossroads
#3 Alternative Lifestyles
#4 Tamara's Return
#5 Full Moon Rising
#6 The Dance
#7 The All-Nighter
#8 The Reluctant Hero
#9 The Election
#10 High Risk Behavior
#11 Sex, She Wrote
#12 Unchartered Waters
#13 His Leading Lady
#14 To Be Or Not To Be...
#15 ...That Is The Question
#16 Be Careful What You Wish For
#17 Psychic Friends
#18 A Perfect Wedding
#19 Rest in Peace
#20 Reunited
#21 Ch... ch... ch... Changes
#22 Parental Discretion Advised

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Executive producers Kevin Williamson, Paul Stupin

Co-producers Darin Goldberg & Shelley Meals, Co-producer David Blake Hartley, Co-producer Janice Cooke-Leonard, Producer Dana Baratta, Producer David Semel, Supervising producer Mike White, Supervising producer Greg Prange

#1 The Kiss: Aired Wednesday, October 7, 1998

Dawson and Joey almost ruin their first kiss with doubt, but save their beautiful moment and turn into a first date. Joey decides not to go to France for the summer. Jen starts to sink into a hole of self-hate after her grandfather's death and watching Dawson and Joey be so happy together. Dawson and Joey's first date is almost ruined by Jen, but they save it with a romantic second kiss. Pacey plays a prank on a new girl in town, Andie McPhee, when she thinks he is a cop because he's in his father's cop car. She gets him back by making a hot cheerleader go on a pity date with Pacey because she thinks he's dying. Mitch finds it torture to continue to live with a woman he both loves and hates in equal measure, so he consults a divorce attorney.

#2 Crossroads: Aired Wednesday, October 14, 1998

Mitch and Gale find Dawson and Joey making out in Dawson's room, and give them both a lecture on teenage sex. Dawson reads Joey's journal, and is hurt to find out that she doesn't actually think he's a good filmmaker. Joey feels like her privacy has been invaded and they get into their firstbight fight as a couple. It's Pacey's 16th birthday, and not only does he fail is driving test, but his best friend, Dawson, forgets the special day. Pacey decides to throw a blowout party, which isn't as much of a success as he hoped. Andie's brother, Jack, starts working at the Icehouse with Joey. Jen starts to hang out with Abby Morgan, and they bond over Jen's bad behavior in New York and end up getting drunk on champagne. Jen admits that she still loves Dawson and wants him back, so Abby says they'll get him back for her. Dawson and Joey apologize and make up with eachother, and Joey admits she was just angry at Dawson when she wrote those things in her journal, and she really does think he's a good filmmaker. Dawson apologizes to Pacey for forgetting his birthday, and the two friends make up. Dawson suggests they go to Maine as he promised they would a year ago. On a friend's advice, Mitch suggests to Gale that they try an open marriage.

#3 Alternative Lifestyles: Aired Wednesday, October 21, 1998

Jen uses a class project to get closer to Dawson. Pacey and Andie miraculously are paired together on the same project. Mitch and Gale try an open marriage.

#4 Tamara's Return: Aired Wednesday, October 28, 1998

Tamara comes back to Capeside and throws Andie for a loop. Dawson can't seem to relate to Joey's newfound interest in art, but sensitive art-lover Jack McPhee can! (He has a crush on her... I called it.)

#5 Full Moon Rising: Aired Wednesday, November 4, 1998

The full moon is turning everyone in Capeside wacky: Jen dates an older man, Dawson and Joey's relationship continue to deteriorate, and Pacey and Andie's first date goes awry when he finds out about her interesting family circumstances.

#6 The Dance: Aired Wednesday, November 11, 1998

Everyone goes to the Homecoming Dance and everyone has an awful time. Well, except for Andie and Pacey...

#7 The All-Nighter: Aired Wednesday, November 18, 1998

The gang (including Chris Wolfe -- someone please explain to me how they got to be friends with him...) gather at Chris' house for an all-night study session which degrades into a purity test and steamy hot tub action.

#8 The Reluctant Hero: Aired Wednesday, November 25, 1998

Dawson wins a film award but can't seem to enjoy it because everything else in his life is so screwy (i.e. Joey, Jen, etc.).

#9 The Election: Aired Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Andie runs for Sophomore Class President with the help of Pacey and Joey but has her past drudged up for the world to see by opponent Abby Morgan (Is that girl for real? She's such a monster...). Meanwhile Dawson cuts loose with Jen.

#10 High Risk Behavior: Aired Wednesday, January 13, 1999

Pacey and Andie discuss having sex. While Andie lies to Pacey that her anti-depression medication is for her mother, she confides in him about her fantasy evening of how she wants to lose her virginity. Pacey creates the perfect night for Andie, but he realizes Andie isn't ready and they don't do the deed. Jack ruins a male nude that Joey drew for art class, so he offers to pose for her nude so she can re-create it. After they get over their awkwardness, they start talking about sex. When Jack admits that he's had sex once, and Joey asks him what it was like, as he starts to describe he accidentally gets excited and ruins the casual mood. After Jack puts his clothes back on, he tells Joey how attracted he is to her, and they end up making out on the couch. Jen becomes Dawson's producer for his movie, which is blatantly biographical and clearly all about Dawson and Joey, despite Dawson's many protests the contrary. While they have trouble casting the movie itself, the subject-matter bring to the surface Jen's lingering feelings for Dawson, and also Dawson's lingering feelings for Jen. Dawson finally climbs in Jen's window, and they become passionate in her bed.

#11 Sex, She Wrote: Aired Wednesday, January 20, 1999

All three couples deal with the day after. Dawson treats Jen like an old friend, Andie and Pacey are lovey-dovey, and Jack and Joey are a little awkward. Abby and Chris find a note in their English class from someone anonymous to someone anonymous about "last night" and how sex changes everything, and Abby decides to make it her project to figure out who wrote it. Abby tells the three couples all sort of lies about eachother to find out who did it, and then gathers them in a room and outs all their secrets on tape. It turns out, it was Pacey and Andie who slept together, and Andie is now mystified as to why Pacey seems to be shutting her out. Jen and Jack get to watch Dawson and Joey accuse eachother in what can only be considered a display of jealousy. Later, Jen and Jack compare notes on playing second fiddle. Pacey opens up to Andie and admits he's falling hopelessly in love with her... and she admits she feels the same way. And Dawson and Joey begin to rebuild their friendship.

#12 Uncharted Waters: Aired Wednesday, January 27, 1999

Dawson realizes how lucky he is to have his dad when he goes on a father/son fishing trip with Pacey and his dad, and Jack, whose dad has left the family. Pacey can't manage to get a single kind and encouraging word from his father. Dawson finally makes peace with Jack. The girls spend the day at Dawson's house with Gale, because Gale is doing a story on how teen girls think. Andie learns a little bit more about what makes Abby tick. Gale tells Joey she sees her as a surrogate daughter. Joey and Jen finally make peace.

#13 His Leading Lady: Aired Wednesday, February 3, 1999

Dawson finds the perfect girl to play Joey in his film, budding method acting student Devon (played by guest star Rachael Leigh Cook). Pacey figures out that Andie is still taking her anti-depressant drugs. Grams introduces Jen to Tyson.

#14 To Be Or Not To Be...: Aired Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Jen is pleasantly surprised when Ty convinces her to go out on another date. Jack is forced to read aloud in class a poem he wrote, which starts the whole school asking about his sexual orientation. Just as Pacey is starting to get himself academically together, he stands up for Jack in class and gets suspended for a week. Andie and Pacey argue over his decision to stand up to a teacher. Dawson gives Joey objective advice on her relationship with Jack.

#15 ...That Is The Question: Aired Wednesday, February 17, 1999

Jack, pushed to the edge by his father, finally comes bursting out of the closet, and then is faced with coming out to Joey as well. Joey turns to Dawson when she needs a friend. Jen is happy dating Ty, but considers breaking up with him when she finds out his narrow-minded views on homosexuality. Pacey goes all out to get a horrible teacher fired and finally reconciles with Andie.

#16 Be Careful What You Wish For: Aired Wednesday, March 3, 1999

It is Dawson's sixteenth birthday and he and Andie cut loose, get smashed and sing the blues.

#17 Psychic Friends: Aired Tuesday, March 10, 1999

Grams has a date, but he turns out to be married. Joey meets a cute guy, but he turns out to be more interested in Jack. Dawson is crushed when his wonderful new film teacher hates his movie. Andie is upset when the carnival psychic predicts more unhappiness for her.

#18 A Perfect Wedding: Aired Tuesday, April 28, 1999

Joey's father is paroled and decides that the Icehouse should cater a wedding, which stresses Joey out. Dawson is jealous of Jack's ability to talk to people and help them out. Mrs. Leery decides she wants Dawson's father back, just as Dawson's father is getting closer to Dawson's film teacher, Miss Kennedy. Andie is talked into helping out at the wedding by Pacey, even though she hates weddings and they put her in a bad mood. Jen patches things up with Abby, and they go out for a night on the town, stealing a bottle of champagne from the wedding getting drunk on the docks... until Abby falls into the water.

#19 Rest in Peace: Aired Tuesday, May 5, 1999

In the wake of Abby's tragic death, Jen lashes out, and her grandmother finally can't take it anymore and kicks her out. Andie gets talked into giving a eulogy at Abby's funeral by Abby's mother, and Pacey tries hard to support her. Abby'd death causes Joey to face her feelings about her mother's death, but her reconciliation with Dawson helps. Dawson's mother gets a great job offer in Philadelphia.

#20 Reunited: Aired Tuesday, May 12, 1999

After getting kicked out by her grandmother, Jen is living at Dawson's house. When Joey, Dawson, Mitch, Nicole, Gale, and Jen all end up at the same restaurant, the girls scheme to break up Nicole and Mitch, and get Dawson's parents back together. Dawson and Joey talk about "consumating their ultimate desires." Andie starts to get more and more manic, Abby's death having triggered repressed memories of her dead brother.

#21 Ch...ch...Changes: Aired Tuesday, May 19, 1999

Dawson interviews Joey's father about his past for his film final, and Joey gets very uncomfortable about it. Mr. McPhee shows up and tells Andie and Jack that they're coming back to Providence with him... right away. Andie and Pacey initially fight for her to stay in Capeside, but then she realizes that it might actually be best for her to leave with him, although Jack decides to stay. Jen wants to go back to New York, but her parents don't want her. She tries to leave Capeside anyway, but Jack keeps her from leaving and she moves in with him. Dawson thinks he saw Mr. Potter dealing in drugs again, but doesn't tell Joey who has been so happy with her family life lately.

#22 Parental Discretion Advised: Aired Tuesday, May 26, 1999

Jack is afraid that Jen is suicidal. Jen's grandmother asks her to move back in, and after much hesitation, Jen does... with Jack. Dawson's mom decides to take the job in Pennsylvania. Mitch asks her to stay, but she realizes they can't have what they used to, so she still decides to go. Dawson tells Joey's father that he knows he's dealing drugs again, and tells him to clean up his act for the people who love him, but after a fire at the Icehouse in which all the kids are threatened and Dawson saves Mr. Potter's life, Dawson realizes he's going to have to take some action. He tells Joey the truth and gets her to talk to the police, but Joey refuses to face it and blames Dawson for putting her in a difficult situation. In the end, Joey wears a wire and sets her dad up, but breaks up with Dawson. Pacey's relationship with his father hits rock bottom when they come to blows, but then they start to try to rebuild it.

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