3rd Season

#1 Like a Virgin
#2 Homecoming
#3 None of the Above
#4 Home Movies
#5 Indian Summer
#6 Secrets and Lies
#7 Escape From Witch Island
#8 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
#9 Four to Tango
#10 First Encounters of the Close Kind
#11 Barefoot at Capefest
#12 A Weekend in the Country
#13 Northern Lights
#14 Valentine's Day Massacre
#15 Crime and Punishment
#16 To Green, with Love
#17 Cinderella Story
#18 Neverland
#19 Stolen Kisses
#20 The Longest Day
#21 Show Me Love
#22 The Anti-Prom
#23 True Love

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Executive producer Paul Stupin

Co-producer Janice Cooke-Leonard, Producer Jeffrey Stepakoff, Producer David Blake Hartley, Co-executive producer Greg Berlanti, Co-executive producer Greg Prange, Executive Producer Alex Gansa

#1 Like a Virgin: Aired Wednesday, September 29, 1999

Dawson meets Eve, a dream girl who waitresses at a strip club, and is avoiding Joey at school. His dad is out of town, and he takes Eve out on his dad's boat and crashes it. To raise money to fix the boat, Eve gets the strippers to agree to work a party at Dawson's house, and teenage boys pay $20 a head to get in. Joey sneaks into Dawson's room, apologizes for last year, and tries to seduce him. He says it's not the right time for them to be together. Eve tries to get Dawson to take off with her just as his dad gets home and starts yelling for him, but Dawson can't go. Pacey comforts Joey. Jen, after exchanging verbal barbs with Belinda, the head cheerleader, decides to try out for the squad, but instead of doing a cheer at her audition, she goes on a rant about Belinda, and the cheerleaders mutiny and make Jen the new head cheerleader. Joey is working on the docks and her boss is insufferable.

#2 Homecoming: Aired Wednesday, October 6, 1999

Eve tries to seduce Dawson, but they get caught by the whole school at a pep rally. Later, Dawson decides he wants to get to know her better. Dawson and Joey rekindle their friendship. Andie comes home and tells Pacey that she slept with someone else over the summer. She begs for forgiveness, but Pacey breaks up with her. Jack comes to an understanding with his father after becoming the new wide receiver for the school football team. The new freshman quarterback, Henry, is overwhelmed by Jen when he runs into her at the pep rally.

#3 None of the Above: Aired Wednesday, October 13, 1999

Jack is having a tough time on the football team, but Jen convinces him not to quit. Henry admits to Jack his huge crush on Jen. Andie makes her and Pacey's break-up final by returning to him everything he ever gave her. Joey turns down the offer of a date with her boss on the docks, Rob, and he takes back his offer of a day off of work before the PSATs, which are particularly important to Joey because she's going for a National Merit scholarship. Eve gives Dawson a copy of the PSAT answers, and after Dawson shows the still closed envelope to his friends, it disappears in a fire drill. Dawson can't figure out who took it, and accuses Pacey, who claims his innocence. Dawson and Pacey end up not taking the PSATs, and Andie starts filling in the answers before even opening the question book. Dawson sees the pleasure Eve takes in his problems with his friends, and tells Eve he doesn't like her.

#4 Home Movies: Aired Wednesday, October 20, 1999

When Jen finds out that the cheerleaders are auctioning off a kiss from her she flies off the handle and quits as head cheerleader. When she finds out that someone bid $500 to kiss only her, and the money goes to a local orphanage, she goes through with the kiss, which turns out to be with smitten Henry, and is then surprised when she is named homecoming queen. Pacey convinces Joey to cut class with him, telling her that he wants to show her a surprise. They're busted by the principal, and sentenced to being the head and butt of the school mascot, a donkey, at the big football game this weekend. They scam a couple nerds into taking their places and Pacey finally shows Joey his surprise: a boat he is fixing up named True Love. When the Principal Green tells Andie he wants to talk to her about a disciplinary issue, she freaks out and thinks he's discovered she cheated on the PSATs. As she is about to admit her crimes to him, he tells her that he wants to form a student disciplinary committee and he wants her to be in charge. She happily accepts. Dawson's mother needs a quick special interest piece for her network, and says that if he can get something to her fast she might be able to get it on the air. Dawson decides to do a piece on Jack, the gay teenage football hero. His father fights him on it, but Dawson decides to do it anyway, and after it airs his father tells him that he's ruined the big game this weekend, because now Jack is no longer a secret weapon. At the big game, Jack is getting killed, so at half-time Dawson comes up with the idea to obscure the players numbers so that the opposing team can't find Jack, and has Jen and cheerleaders put garish make-up on all the players to make it harder to tell them apart. The plans works and Capeside wins the game, just barely, when Jack makes an incredible last-minute play. Dawson and his dad reaffirm their parent/son relationship. While going over some of his mom's old tapes, Dawson comes across a home movie of himself and Joey meeting and playing for the first time as young children. He gives a copy to Joey as a present.

#5 Indian Summer: Aired Wednesday, October 27, 1999

Dawson realizes that everything Eve has told him about herself is a lie. He starts stalking her, and finds out she's staying illegally on a boat. While there he steals a picture from her which she comes to collect. She admits that it's a picture of her biological mother who she's been searching for. After Eve departs to search elsewhere Dawson delivers an air-conditioner to Jen's house and sees a picture of her mother... the same woman in Eve's picture. When Joey yet again refuses Rob's advances, he brags that he's got a date with another hot high school girl... which turns out to be Andie. Joey crashes their date, telling Andie that it's for her own good, but Andie doesn't appreciate Joey's interference and Rob fires Joey for her trouble. When Henry can't get un-tongue-tied long enough to ask Jen out, Jack arranges a rendezvous for the two, but Jen is not pleased. She tells Jack that she feels he took advantage of their friendship, and tells him how wonderful it is to have a male friend who doesn't want to get into her pants. She suggests that maybe Jack was trying to spice up her love life because of a lack of his own.

#6 Secrets and Lies: Aired Wednesday, November 10, 1999

Jen books drag queens as entertainment for the homecoming gala and learns that the oldest living homecoming queen isn't as much of a stuffed shirt as she thought. Henry tells Jen he's in love with her and she rebuffs him. Dawson's mother, an ex-homecoming queen herself, comes back for the HQ gala, but Dawson finds out she was fired from her anchor job in Philadelphia because she was too old. Gale turns to Mitch for support. Andie may have lied about Rob sexually assaulting her to get Pacey back, but Pacey doesn't think they should be together. Joey gets caught in the middle of Rob, Andie and Pacey while she's trying to get the bed and breakfast open with her sister.

#7 Escape From Witch Island: Aired Wednesday, November 17, 1999

Dawson and his friends are vexed by haunting tales of lost love and black magic when they decide to make a documentary about Witch Island. Joey, relating to the love story about the island, is bitter about Dawson's rejection and wonders if they'll ever find their way back to each other. After Jen casts a love spell on Pacey for the fun of it, the two friends decide to have casual sex for sex alone. Andie, teaming up with Belinda, takes her duties as a disciplinarian a little too seriously.

#8 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Aired Wednesday, November 24, 1999

Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving at Grams's place. Things are still awkward between Andie and Pacey, but they try to work through them on the holiday. Jen and Pacey have yet to consummate their casual sex deal. Jen's mother, Helen, makes a surprise appearance. Dawson tells Helen about meeting Eve. Helen originally says she has no intention of telling Jen about her youthful indiscretions, but she ends up admitting all to Jen anyway. Jen freaks out and hates her mother and drags Pacey off to the garden shed for angry sex. Pacey realizes what's going on and counsels Jen on how to deal with disappointment in her parents. Jen and Helen end up making peace before Helen leaves for New York. Mitch and Gale are getting along so well that it makes Dawson uncomfortable. They tell him that their divorce is final. The holiday reminds Joey how much she misses her mother.

#9 Four to Tango: Aired Wednesday, December 1, 1999

Pacey and Jen plan a tryst in Dawson's room, but again can't go through with it. Dawson busts Pacey in his room and later finds a condom on the floor, heightening his suspicion of what Pacey was doing. Meanwhile, Pacey begs Joey for help in raising his failing math grade, and she agrees as long as he helps her learn ballroom dancing so that she can get a certain scholarship. Pacey and Joey's secrecy about their activities makes Dawson think the condom might have been for them. Everything becomes clear, however, when Dawson and Joey bust Pacey and Jen making out in the coat room of the ballroom dance school. Dawson is relieved and Joey overreacts, while Pacey and Jen agree to finally give up their casual sex pact because it's never going to happen. Dawson put his interview with Jack on the web, and it attracts the attention of a gay student in a neighboring town. He writes Jack a letter and then he and Jack start conversing on the internet. With Andie's encouragement, Jack agrees to meet his penpal for coffee, but chickens out at the last moment.

#10 First Encounters of the Close Kind: Aired Wednesday, December 15, 1999

The gang, minus Jen and Pacey, goes down to Boston for various reasons. Dawson enters his Witch Island movie in a film festival and learns some humility when his movie is not well received. However, he meets Nikki Green, a very talented film maker who also happens to be principal Green's daughter and is on her way to Capeside to live with her father for half of the year. Jack decides to investigate a gay club in Boston, but is quickly scared away. He does, however, meet a nice student on the train who is on his way home to Capeside from college for some TLC from his parents after breaking up with his boyfriend. Andie tries to finagle an early interview with the dean of admissions at the university (it seems a lot like Harvard, but is never mentioned by name), but instead learns a life-lesson from the dean's secretary. Joey does the whole college visit thing, and ends up being hosted by an obnoxious male student who picks on her. She knocks some sense into him, calling him on his snobbery, and he ends up charmed by her and asking if he can call her at home later.

#11 Barefoot at Capefest: Aired Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Dawson is frustrated by Nikki's attitude and threatened by her skill, but when he has dinner at her house due to an invitation from her father, a conversation with her sparks him to make some big changes in his life. Joey is initially jealous that Dawson opened up to Nikki instead of her, but then gets of her self-centered view and helps Dawson realize that he hasn't been as narrow-minded as he seems to think. Pacey and Andie end up working on the school play together, Andie as assistant director to the awfule director/English teacher, and Pacey as star. Jack explores a physical relationship with Ethan when he mistakes a friendly overture for a romantic overture. Jen sees a different side of Henry and is impressed.

#12 A Weekend in the Country: Aired Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Pacey invites a renowned travel critic to the opening of Potter's Bed & Breakfast and the gang, including Grams and Dawson's parents, act as fake guests to add to the atmosphere. Although the furnace breaks and the toilet overflows, the critic is impressed by the warm atmosphere and fabulous pancakes made by the recently returned Bodie. Joey and Bess clash over financial decisions and responsibilities when it is suggested that they take out a mortgage on their house. It becomes more and more clear that Pacey is falling hard for Joey. Henry makes a renewed and more confident attempt at dating Jen, and Jen is surprised when he isn't scared off by the story of her past in New York. Andie is lonely at home and begs Jack to move back. At first he refuses, thinking she's just asking for their father, but when he realizes that she's asking for herself he leaves Grams and Jen. Gale, with Mitch's help, considers fulfilling her old dream of opening a fish store. Dawson is confused by his divorced parents being so friendly.

#13 Northern Lights: Aired Wednesday, January 26, 2000

Dawson is still trying to rediscover himself and so drops out of film class, but he ends up feeling rather lost. The school play is going up but the director falls ill so Andie competently takes over and feels more confident than she has in a long time. Pacey is jealous when Joey goes out on a date to see the Aurora Borealis with AJ instead of coming to his opening night, however when AJ kisses her on the beach, Joey makes a beeline for the cast party to see Pacey. Jen goes on her first date with Henry to the play opening, but drags her Grams along so it doesn't really seem like a date. Henry makes a grand gesture in the style of the play to get Jen to stop dodging him, and although she is embarassed by his actions, she does spontaneously kiss him goodnight.

#14 Valentine's Day Massacre: Aired Wednesday, February 2, 2000

Dawson and the others attend a licentious party. Jack's ex-girlfriend comes to town complaining that her most recent boyfriend just came out of the closet. Dawson and Jack's ex come close to a kiss before she throws up from drinking too much. Henry oversells his blood to have enough money to show Jen the time of her life on their first date, but ends up passing out and they spend the rest of their date eating Jello in the hospital. Pacey gets fed up with the ongoing Dawson/Joey drama, and drunkenly confides to his brother that he's falling for Joey.

#15 Crime and Punishment: Aired Wednesday, February 9, 2000

Andy, what with her role on the disciplinary committee, starts feeling really guilty about having cheated on the PSATs when Principal Green tells her that she scored high enough to be eligible for a National Merit Scholarship. Her guilt builds until she decides to just tell Principal Green the truth, and take her expellment and relieve her conscious. She is surprised when Principal Green tells her she won't be expelled because he still has faith in her. Joey is one of a few student artists chosen to paint a mural about the unity of high school on one of Capeside High's walls. When her mural is unveiled, it has been cruely defaced. Dawson tries to encourage Joey to repaint it while Pacey hunts down the vandalizer and picks a fight. Pacey lets it slip to Joey that Dawson asked him to take care of her. She is offended at first, but then realizes that Pacey really does care about her, and Dawson was only trying to help. Pacey, for picking a fight, must become a mentor to a local kid.

#16 To Green, with Love: Aired Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Matt Caulfield's father rallies the Capetown community against Principal Green, compelling superintendant Fielding to ask Green to either reinstate Caulfield or resign as principal. Joey, with help from AJ and Pacey, rallies the students behind their beloved principal. Pacey is jealous of AJ, but remains by Joey's side with support from Jen. Dawson and his mother do a story on the fight, and Gale is asked to come back and work for her old station when they love the story, but she is happy to say no on her own terms and commit to her restaurant. Although the students put up a good fight, the superintendant stands strong and Principal Green won't reinstate Caulfield, so Green leaves the school... to a standing ovation from his students. Pacey gives Joey a wall so that she can paint another larger mural.

#17 Cinderella Story: Aired Wednesday, March 1, 2000

Joey goes up to Boston to be with AJ while he accepts a creative writing award. While there, she meets his oldest friend, a beautiful blonde named Morgan, and realizes from her own experience that the two of them should really be together. Meanwhile, Pacey is back in Capetown doing his community service as a mentor and is assigned to a very difficult little kid named Buzz. Once he figures out what Buzz is about, he bonds with the kid and Buzz urges Pacey to just go on and kiss Joey already. Joey sends AJ into Morgan's arms and calls Pacey to come pick her up. Pacey does so, and after Joey tells him how he and Dawson are probably the only people who have ever really known her, he pulls the car over and kisses her. Dawson is helping his mother with the restaurant and everything is in chaos. Jen wants to be a waitress, but keeps dropping dishes, and all the cooks they're trying out make inedible food. Dawson calls his dad to come help which initially pisses of his mother, but then Gale hires Mitch as the general manager of the restaurant, they make Jen a hostess instead of a waitress, and with a partnership with Bodie in the works the restaurant starts to come together.

#18 Neverland: Aired Wednesday, April 5, 2000

Joey is pissed off that Pacey kissed her, and reminds him that this would totally freak out Dawson. Pacey claims it was a one-time urge and promises it won't happen again. Pacey's brother recommends that Pacey talk to Dawson about it. Pacey and Dawson go camping at their old fort in the woods, but what with Buzz and his friend showing up, and Dawson telling Pacey how much he relies on him and Joey as friends, Pacey can't get up the nerve to talk to Dawson about his feelings for Joey. Jen is pissed when she finds out Henry is having a birthday party and she wasn't invited. Joey is pissed about Pacey although she won't tell anyone about it. Andie suggests they all have a girls' night out. They decide to escape to their childhood and go to the roller rink, where Jen sees Henry swinging at a pinata. It turns out he was embarrassed by the child-like way his mom likes to celebrate his birthday which is why he didn't invite Jen. Joey confides in Jen about Pacey kissing her, and Jen points out that even though Joey thinks it came out of nowhere, Jen saw it coming. Joey and Pacey decide to just be friends. Ethan comes to stay with Jack for the weekend and makes nice with Jack's dad, which pisses Jack off. It turns out that Jack's dad was trying to make the first move toward repairing his relationship with his son. Ethan points out that it's worth it to Jack to let go of his anger and reach back to his father.

#19 Stolen Kisses: Aired Wednesday, April 26, 2000

After they find out that one of their best friends has died and left his loving wife a widow, Mitch and Gale realize how trivial their problems were and begin to reconnect. Jen is surprised by her own jealousy when a waitress at the Leery restaurant flirts with Henry, and she realizes that Henry has really gotten under her skin. Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Andie, and Pacey's old friend Will go to visit Dawson's Aunt Gwen for spring break just like Dawson and Joey used to do every spring when they were kids. Pacey is still pining after Joey, while she is beginning to feel something for him as well. Meanwhile, the whole trip seems to be about Dawson and Joey's past together, and Aunt Gwen even asks them why they're not together. Andie might be falling for Will, and admits as much to Pacey. Pacey and Joey end up kissing in the dark, both feeling guilty about Dawson or Andie possibly discovering them.

#20 The Longest Day: Aired Wednesday, May 3, 2000

In a day that repeats itself over and over from different point of views, Joey and Pacey agonize over telling Dawson about their blooming relationship. Pacey says he'll do it, but he's chickening out. Joey decides she should do it, but can't. Meanwhile, Jen thinks Dawson has already been told and lets it slip. Dawson completely loses it, telling his friends he feels betrayed and telling Joey that she either has to break things off with Pacey or lose him as a friend. Meanwhile, Jen is upset about her role in this disaster and all Henry wants to do is make out while Grams is out of town, so Jen kicks him out of her house. Andie goes on her first date with Will, which ends with her realizing that Pacey and Joey are together. Dawson vows to fight for Joey. Joey tells Pacey they have to end things.

#21 Show Me Love: Aired Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Tensions are high between Dawson, Joey and Pacey. Pacey is entered in the Capeside regatta with his boat, True Love, and he's being sponsored by Leery's Fresh Fish due to an arrangement from weeks earlier. Dawson decides to borrow the McPhee's boat and enters himself into the regatta, arranging with Bess to be sponsored by Potter's B&B. At the end of the race, Dawson cuts Pacey off to win the race but gets himself disqualified. Dawson reaches out to Joey but Joey is just disgusted by the whole situation. Will leaves for his scholarship to Rawley Academy, but leaves Pacey and Andie with good advice. Pacey gives true love one last try, but can't get anything out of Joey. Andie mends fences with Pacey. Mitch confronts Gale about the romantic tension between them, and Gale plans a romantic dinner for the two of them where they share their second first kiss. Jen finally forgives Henry after he apologizes spectacularly for his one-track mind. They spend the night together on the roof of the restaurant, and Grams assumes they slept together, but Jen admits that they didn't.

#22 The Anti-Prom: Aired Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Jack is denied junior prom tickets when he says that he's bringing Ethan as his date, so Dawson and the gang have an alternative prom at Leery's Fresh Fish. Dawson takes Joey, fulfilling an old pact they made, and Pacey gives Andie a last minute invitation. Ethan feels bad for forcing Jack into something he wasn't comfortable with, but Jack that the problem wasn't bringing a male date, it was that he wants Ethan to want him as more than a friend. Ethan tells Jack he's not ready, and challenges Jack to kiss him, but Jack can't. Joey tries to make peace at the prom and dances with Pacey, who once again demonstrates how well he knows her. Dawson spots them and storms off, and Joey goes after him. Dawson kisses her, but the next day Joey asks him not to make her choose. When Pacey tells Andie that he's going to spend the summer sailing his boat down to Florida, Andie urges Pacey to really tell Joey how he feels before he leaves. Jen invites Henry to the prom, warning him that they won't be doing the usual hasty prom-sex thing. When Jen starts talking about summer plans, Henry tells her he'll be spending eight weeks at football camp. Jen gets upset that he didn't even talk to her about this before and ditches him. Dawson finds out that his parents are romantic again, which prompts Mitch to ask Gale to define their relationship. Gale responds by proposing to Mitch who happily accepts.

#23 True Love: Aired Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Grams leads Jen and Jack into making sure they have no regrets. Jen tracks down Henry's bus and apologizes and tells him she loves him. Jack finds Ethan at school and spontaneously kisses him, but then finds out that Ethan got back together with his ex, Brad. Jack confides his feelings in his father who comforts him. Dawson's parents get remarried, and they ceremony celebrating love knocks some sense in to Dawson and makes him realize how selfish he's being. Meanwhile, Pacey plans his departure on his boat for Florida, and asks Joey to ask him to stay. Joey says she can't give Pacey a reason to stay, but then Dawson tells her to just go to Pacey already since she obviously wants to. Joey catches Pacey just before he leaves, but she doesn't tell him to stay, she tells him she wants to go with him. They sail off into the sunset together. Dawson's friends are there for him to help him pick up the pieces.

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