6th Season

#1 The Kids Are Alright
#2 The Song Remains the Same
#3 The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest
#4 Instant Karma!
#5 The Imposters
#6 Living Dead Girl
#7 Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell
#8 Spiderwebs
#9 Everything Put Together Falls Apart
#10 Merry Mayhem
#11 Day Out of Days
#12 All the Right Moves
#13 Rock Bottom
#14 Clean and Sober
#15 Castaways
#16 That Was Then
#17 Sex and Violence
#18 Love Bites
#19 Lovelines
#20 Catch-22
#21 Godobye, Yellow Brick Road
#22 Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption
#23 All Good Things... Must Come to an End

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#1 The Kids Are Alright: Aired Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Joey returns from her uneventful summer in Capeside to Worthington for the first day of classes. Her advanced literature professor, Greg Hetson, tortures her, but also offers her a job. She gets another job offer from a local bar, Hell's Kitchen, and debates which to take. Dawson, who has been in L.A. being a personal assistant to Todd, the crazy British director, shows up in Boston for a movie shoot. Dawson and Joey, after a couple of near misses, have a reunion in bed after not talking to each other all summer. Pacey is a little sick of Audrey after spending the whole summer with her in L.A., and is excited about his job interview as a stockbroker that Audrey's father helped to set up for him. Jack is having trouble having a personal life while living with Grams, so Pacey gets the idea that they should move in together. A female British drummer, Emma, who waits tables at Hell's Kitchen has spare rooms in her big expensive apartment, but doesn't like the idea of living with guys. Jen, who is pleased that her parents have finally decided to divorce, is shocked and dismayed to find Grams in her art history class. Jen and Jack think their professor of pop culture, Matt Freeman, is cute.

#2 The Song Remains the Same: Aired Wednesday, October 2, 2002

After sleeping together, Dawson and Joey have on idyllic day together where Joey meets Todd and sees the movie set that Dawson is working on... that looks exactly like Dawson's house in Capeside. The day ends with a surprise party for Joey's birthday that degenerates into a fight between Dawson and Joey when Joey finds out that Dawson had a girlfriend in L.A. that he just dumped that morning. Joey realizes she doesn't want to be with Dawson this way, and Dawson goes back to L.A. Pacey gets the job as a stockbroker. Jen meets C.J., a cute guy who encourages her to become a peer counselor. Jack and Pacey finally weasel their way into Emma's apartment. Audrey worries about the chemistry between Pacey and Emma. Joey applies for a waitressing job at Hell's Kitchen, but is none too pleased when she realizes that Eddie, her nemesis from lit class, is a bartender there.

#3 The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest: Aired Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Joey stays up all night pouring her heart into an email to Dawson, but then accidentally sends it to the entire campus instead of to her old friend. After a hellish day where here literature professor, Hetson, dissects her email in class, and she overhears other students giggling about her everywhere she goes, she blows off some steam to Eddie on her first night at work at Hell's Kitchen, and finds out that Eddie isn't such a bad guy. She also learns that Professor Hetson is a regular at Hell's Kitchen. After an illuminating conversation with the professor in the bar, Joey has an easier time bantering with him in class the next morning. Pacey's first day on the job starts out rough, but he triumphs when he actually manages to sell stock to a notoriously tough buyer. He is crushed, however, when his mentor, Rinaldi, takes credit for the sale. Pacey decides to buckle down and perform all that much better so than no one can question him. Jack waxes poetic about how much he likes his pop culture class to his professor, Freeman, who realizes that Jack may have slightly more personal feelings for him. Audrey blows off a whole day of classes at Worthington and instead hangs with Jack and Jen at Boston Bay. Emma settle into living with two boys. Dawson struggles with composing his own email to Joey.

#4 Instant Karma!: Aired Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Pacey has to cancel evening plans with Audrey to study for his Series 7 exam, but then gets dragged out by his coworkers. When Audrey runs into him, she is pissed that he cancelled with her to go out with the boys from work. Audrey, at a party with Jen and Jack, gets wasted and a guy entices her upstairs to a bedroom. Luckily Jen, with some muscle help from CJ, saves her friend. Pacey apologizes to Audrey and spends the rest of the night holding her. Jack runs into Professor Freeman at the party, and they spend a fun night talking. Freeman tells Jack that he's married and he just found out that his wife is pregnant, but then admits that he came to the party tonight hoping to see Jack. Jack is a little weirded out by this. Dawson picks up his ex-girlfriend, Natasha, who is also the star of the movie that he's working on, at the airport, and she is drunk and angry at him and keeps messing up her scenes. Joey and Eddie show to with food for the movie set from Hell's Kitchen, and Natasha loses it and makes Todd fire Dawson. Dawson and Joey talk about what might have been, but then go their separate ways. Natasha feels sorry for Dawson and gets him his job back. Joey impulsively kisses Eddie as they're closing the bar, but he tells her he thinks she did it because of Dawson.

#5 The Imposters: Aired Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Joey is embarassed about the kiss she gave Eddie last week, but that is quickly overshadowed when she finds out that Eddie isn't actually a student and was sneaking into Professor Hetson's class. Audrey won't talk to Jen or Pacey about how she was almost taken advantage of while she was drunk at that party last week, but Pacey notices that something is up with her. Emma invites Audrey to be the lead singer in her all-girl punk band, Hell's Belles, and during their debut peformance, Audrey is quite good. Audrey is disappointed when Pacey, who was up the whole night before studying, falls asleep and misses the show. Jack is surprised when he gets his paper back from pop culture class, and he got a C-. He confronts Professor Freeman about both the grade and his sexuality. Freeman tries to justify being in the closet, but does end up changing Jack's grade to a B. Dawson scrambles to save the film and Natasha's job when Heather, the producer, shows up and threatens to shut down the film and re-cast the female lead. Dawson and Todd manage to convince Heather not to do any of those things, and Dawson and Natasha begin to renew an actual friendship rather than the uneasy peace they had before.

#6 Living Dead Girl: Aired Wednesday, October 30, 2002

During their on-set Halloween party, Todd and Natasha trick Dawson into believing that the two of them are hooking up and that he's also seeing a ghost. Todd and Natasha's prank gets Dawson to admit how he feels about Natasha, and they reunite. To get Eddie back into Professor Hetson's class, Joey agrees to babysit Hetson's daughter, Harley. Joey is surprised when Harley turns out to be a bratty teen instead of a little girl. Eddie helps Joey entertain the girl, and admits to Joey that he might have more than just antagonistic feelings towards her. Eddie and Joey share another kiss, this time initiated by Eddie. Jen gets up the nerve to ask C.J. to join her and her friends at a party. C.J. brings a gay male friend, and at first Jen is worried that C.J. is gay, but her fears are put to rest. Jack finds out from C.J. that Jen just isn't his type. Jack asks out C.J. friend, David. Pacey continues to worry about Audrey, particularly when he notices that she failed a test, but she refuses to admit that anything is wrong. Audrey overhears Pacey talk to Emma about their relationship, and how he's not sure he should be in it anymore. Audrey dumps Pacey, telling him she's letting him off the hook.

#7 Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell: Aired Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Audrey pushes her friends away and gets totally drunk before her Hell's Belles show at the bar. She not only makes a spectacle of herself on stage, but she rips up the bar and throws beer bottles around. Eddie is pissed, and takes out his anger on Joey, but later admits that his resentment was misdirected, and Eddie and Joey agree to go out on a real date. Jen finds out that CJ doesn't date because of his past, but she tries to kiss him anyway. CJ sends an embarassed Jen home in a cab and tries to help the now sober and depressed Audrey. Professor Freeman announces that he's moving to Chicago, and privately admits to Jack that he's leaving his wife. Jack tells Professor Freeman that he's proud of him, and Professor Freeman hits on Jack, but Jack tells him it's too late and goes to meet David, CJ's friend. Pacey's boss, Rinaldi, takes the crew to New Orleans for a 24-hour debaucherous vacation. Pacey picks up a beautiful blonde and brings her back to his hotel room, but when he finds out that she's a call-girl hired by Rinaldi, he leaves her and goes to yell at his boss. Rinaldi doesn't understand why Pacey is upset.

#8 Spiderwebs: Aired Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Todd, who directs music videos, is friendly with the band No Doubt, so he gives Dawson a whole bunch of tickets to the concert in Worcestor and Dawson shares them with his college friends. Jen invites CJ along, just as a friend, but is still baffled and hurt when she finds out that CJ and Audrey slept together. Jen engineers a reunion between Audrey and Pacey, which is a happy one until an insistent CJ butts in and he and Pacey end up in a fight. Dawson and Natasha have Todd's VIP seats, but it turns out they're for the wrong night. Instead of attending the concert, Dawson and Natasha end up getting picked up by the cops for making out on a car in the parking lot. Joey and Eddie's first date is to the concert, but when Joey forgets their tickets, Eddie finagles their way into some great seats because his dad actually works at the stadium where the concert is being held. Eddie and Joey both learn a little bit more about each other, and have a romantic night that ends with a sweet kiss. Jack and David are still trying to date, but keep ending up getting distracted by Jack's friends.

#9 Everything Put Together Falls Apart: Aired Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Pacey convinces Emma to be his date for an office party, but Emma ditches him after getting into a fight with Rich Rinaldi and finding out that the party is actually a contest between the money-men to see who can bring the hottest date. Pacey apologizes to Emma and tells her that he only invited her because he thought she would win. They share a passionate kiss that they quickly break when Jack comes home. Joey uses the privacy of Eddie's apartment to study for her final for Professor Hetson's class. In the morning, she tells Eddie she'd like to have sex with him, and they share a passionate few hours, dozing off and making Joey oversleep her final. Professor Hetson refuses to let her re-take the exam, and Joey worries that a D in his class will lose her her scholarship. She and Eddie argue over her woe, but when Hetson comes into the bar to taunt Joey, Eddie pleads her case. Hetson just lashes out at Eddie verbally, so Eddie hits him. Eddie gets fired from the bar, but he and Joey mend their relationship and spend a romantic evening ice-skating. When a famous actor comes to film a guest spot in the movie Dawson is working on, Dawson realizes that Natasha is just using him for a little fun and a little sex, but would ditch him in a second for someone hotter, richer, or more powerful in the entertainment industry. He tries to just enjoy her company for now, but it rubs him the wrong way.

#10 Merry Mayhem: Aired Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Joey invites Eddie to Christmas in Capeside, and although he intially turns down her invitation, he ends up showing up to surprise her. Audrey misses her plane back to California, so she lets Joey convince her to come to Capeside for Christmas. Pacey comes back to Capeside for Christmas and kind of disgusts his family with all the money he's throwing around. Dawson brings Todd and Natasha to Capeside, and while Todd gets drunk and hits on Gale, Dawson finally gets tired of the game that he's playing with Natasha and their relationship implodes. Everyone comes over for dinner at Dawson's house, and Audrey, drunk and high on prescription medicine she stole from the medicine cabinet, throws everyone's dirty laundry out on the table. Joey's dad chips in by emphasizing how Joey's boyfriend is jobless, uneducated, and directionless. Then Audrey grabs Pacey's keys and crashes Pacey's car into Dawson's house. Natasha admits to Dawson that she slept with Max Winter and then departs for California. Eddie worries that Joey is too good for him and she will break his heart, and he rescinds his earlier offer to her to join him at his house with his family. Joey and Dawson bond in their misery, and finally make a comfortable truce, even though they still haven't resolved what went wrong between them.

#11 Day Out of Days: Aired Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Joey finds out that Harley is now living with her dad, Professor Hetson, permanently, when the girl cuts class and shows up at the bar. Joey reports the misdeed to Hetson, who is less than grateful. Finally, Hetson realizes that Harley really likes Joey, so he offers to pay Joey to keep an eye out for the fifteen-year-old. Not only won't Eddie return any of Joey's phone calls, but when she goes to his apartment to look for him, she finds that he has moved out without telling her. Jen clashes with CJ as she trains to work the help line, but she eventually realizes that he's a good teacher even if she doesn't like him personally. Jack and David try to move forward in their relationship, and take a first step of getting tested for HIV together. Emma and Pacey accidentally meet up during Pacey's lunch hour at the acquarium, and Emma tries to convince Pacey to give up being a scary money-man and go back to being the fun-loving boy he once was. Dawson, back in Los Angeles, finds himself suddenly put in charge of changing the ending of the movie when Todd pisses off the producers and storms out of a meeting. Audrey, who is in Los Angeles skipping school and getting into trouble with her friend Jack Osbourne, gets in touch with Dawson and apologizes for Christmas, saying that she's ready to get her act together now.

#12 All the Right Moves: Aired Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Audrey, back from California and with a new outlook on life, apologizes to all her friends for her behavior over the last few weeks, and they welcome her back into the fold with open arms. Emma tells Audrey they're auditioning new lead singers for the band, but Audrey convinces Emma to give her one last chance. The band has a good rehearsal for an important show, but Audrey goes to a party before the show itself and ends up drinking and doing drugs, ruining the show. Pacey goes to a big glitzy party with Rich Rinaldi thrown by one of their biggest clients, Stepatech. Pacey is given a big promotion, and is told that his name will be on all the transactions involving Stepatech. He is excited, but a mysterious, knowledgable and beautiful woman warns him to take a step back and wonder why it's all been so easy. Emma asks Joey to clean out Eddie's locker at the bar, and Joey finds a collection of short stories that Eddie submitted to a publisher. The stories, which Joey thinks are good, also contain Eddie's parents' address and phone number. Using this info, Harley engineers a reunion between Joey and Eddie, and Eddie admits to Joey that he left her because he didn't think he was good enough for her. Joey convinces Hetson to read the stories, and Hetson unwillingly admits that they're good, and he could get Eddie into the prestigious California Writers program if Eddie were interested. Joey goes to Eddie's parents' house to tell him, and he tells her that he loves her. She says she loves him too, but leaves him to figure out what he wants to do with his life. When Joey gets back to her dorm room, she finds a broken bottle of liquor on the floor and a completely passed-out Audrey in bed. Joey, frantic that she can't wake up her roommate, runs to the phone.

#13 Rock Bottom: Aired Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Joey tries to get Audrey to go to rehab, but instead, Audrey goes out and picks up some guy named Bob. In the meantime, Eddie comes by to see Joey and tells her that he's driving to California to go to writers' school. Joey asks him to help her get Audrey, and all four of them (including Bob) end up driving to California. Somewhere along the line, after she almost gets raped outside a bar, Audrey realizes that she really does need rehab and stops fighting it. Joey and Eddie share a kiss goodbye at his new school. Dawson has a hard time taking over as director, with both the camera man and his ex-lover questioning his every decision, but finally, with his job on the line, he fires the annoying camera man, knocks Natasha into line, and pulls everything together. He and Natasha sleep together again, but they both know it's just for fun. When Grams breaks up with Clifton Smalls because he wants her to convert to Judaism, Jen decides to set her up with C.J.'s Uncle Bill. The four of them go out to dinner together, and while intially it seems like a disaster, Bill and Grams end up hitting it off. C.J. admits that if he knew Jen better earlier, he never would have hooked up with Audrey. Jen and C.J. share a romantic kiss.

#14 Clean and Sober: Aired Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Pacey and Jack buy a big-screen TV and throw a party. Jack finds out that Emma withdrew from school, and is now going to marry a jerk named Gus just to stay in the country. After Gus breaks the new TV and gets kicked out of the party, Jack offers to marry Emma, but she says couldn't ask such a big favor of a friend. Joey decides to let loose at the party and gets drunk. Always a bad drunk, Joey lets a few secrets from her friends' pasts out to their new significant others, and starts a game of the spin the bottle. She and Pacey talk about their past together... and later that night they share a romantic kiss. Jen worries that she's a bad influence on C.J. when he almost has a drink at the party, and he worries that she wants to be with someone more "normal." However, all their problems are forgotten when the two share a kiss during spin the bottle and quickly disappear from the party to go to bed together. Dawson visits Audrey in rehab and tells her that his movie is going straight to cable. Audrey is doing well in rehab, and during a group therapy session she pretends to be someone else but also manages to apologize to Dawson for the way she was when she was drinking. Audrey helps Dawson get to talk to a famous producer, Toni Stark, who is also at her rehab center.

#15 Castaways: Aired Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Pacey talks Joey into being his date for a business dinner, but spends most of his time trying to pick up the blonde sitting next to him. Pacey hurries to drop off Joey so he can meet up with the blonde later, but stops at K-Mart to buy some condoms. Joey and Pacey end up getting locked in K-Mart for the night, and after having an odd argument about their past, they have a good time watching movies and playing games. Pacey lets Joey shave off his goatee, which she's always hated, and then he kisses her, admitting that he can't stop thinking about her as more than a friend. She says she'd like to think about it, but spends the night in Pacey's arms in a sleeping bag.

#16 That Was Then: Aired Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Pacey and Joey continue to dance around one another without making any decisions. Joey agrees to look after Hetson's daughter Harley for the afternoon, and spends most of the time fighting off Harley's amorous boyfriend, Patrick, and remembering what it was like to be 16 herself. Pacey finds himself rushing back to Capeside because his father is in the hospital. His father is okay, but his brother Doug is bitter about Pacey now being the prodigal son. Dawson is back in Capeside too, visiting his old film class and meeting a student that reminds him of himself at that age. Pacey and Dawson meet up and compare notes on how strange it is to be adults.

#17 Sex and Violence: Aired Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Pacey and Joey awkwardly try dating, but when Joey comes to visit Pacey at work after he gets a promotion and his own office, she ends up as his temporary secretary while she's on spring break. Between their jealousy and their passion, Pacey and Joey make terrible workmates, and the two agree to end their working relationship and concentrate on their romantic one. Just as Joey is closing up the bar and preparing to go over to Pacey's apartment, Eddie shows up. C.J. wishes there were more sex in his relationship with Jen, while Jen is trying to have a mature relationship with C.J. and is worried that all he wants is sex. Over a sullen dinner with the couple, Grams manages to get them to see each other's points of view, and they patch things up. Dawson tries to pitch his new movie idea, a coming-of-age flick that basically mirrors his own life, to Todd's old producer Larry Newman. Larry greenlights Dawson's project, with Dawson as director, partly because Dawson managed to get Natasha into the sack, and partly because he's assured the movie will be about a teen stripper and will have lots of nudity. After consulting with Todd, Dawson realizes that he can't sell-out that badly and pulls out of the deal, hoping to figure out a way to make the movie on his own.

#18 Love Bites: Aired Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Eddie tells Joey he wants to be with her, but Joey tells him she's moved on. Joey doesn't go over to Pacey's place that night, but the next night, Pacey accompanies her when she chaperones Harley's school dance. After spending a fun night mending Harley's strained relationship with her cavalier boyfriend, Patrick, Joey realizes that she can't be with Pacey. She tells Pacey this, and over his protests, admits that Eddie is back in town. After a last dance with Pacey, she goes to Eddie's house and they finally have a passionate reunion. Jen starts questioning Grams when she finds out that C.J.'s Uncle Bill has had his heart broken. Grams finally admits to Jen that she's been diagnosed with breast cancer, and will be undergoing radiation therapy. Grams is surprisingly uncommunicative, but Jen's fear finally prompts her to assure her grandaughter that she's not ready to die. Dawson approaches Pacey with his savings from Todd's movie, and asks Pacey to invest it to make enough money to finance his coming-of-age film. Pacey is hesistant to mix business and friendship, but finally tells Dawson he'll help. Dawson's mom is worried that Dawson doesn't have a backup plan if directing doesn't work out, but Dawson convinces her that his going headlong into directing without another thought is the only way he's going to be able to pull it off.

#19 Lovelines: Aired Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Audrey comes back from rehab, Eddie wonders why Joey won't have sex with him anymore, and Jen breaks up with C.J. out of the blue. Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carolla come to Boston Bay College to do a live episode of Lovelines, and Jen hosts. David is upset when he's late meeting Jack for the show, and Jack has given away his seat to this cute guy named Fred with whom he's now chatting. Audrey has a crush on Dr. Drew, and rebuffs Adam Carolla's advances. During the show, C.J. brings up the subject of why Jen dumped him, Eddie and Joey end up on stage talking about Joey's abandonment and trust issues, and David publicly complains about his boyfriend flirting with another guy. After the show, Jen finally admits to C.J. that she just freaked out because Grams is sick. Eddie tells Joey that he loves her and she can trust him, and she decides to take a leap of faith. Jack doesn't think he has anything to apologize for, since he wasn't flirting with Fred, he was just being friendly, but David gives him an ultimatum: apologize or they break up.

#20 Catch-22: Aired Wednesday, April 23, 2003

As Stepatech stock continues to rise, Pacey's life just keeps getting better when he starts sleeping with Sadia... even though she has a boyfriend... actually, a fiancé. Pacey is crushed when Stepatech's new drug doesn't get approved and the stock crashes... and he doesn't know how to tell Dawson that he lost all his money. Pacey asks his boss for a loan, and when Rinaldi just laughs at him and mocks him, Pacey starts a fight and Rinaldi fires him. Joey takes her final in Professor Hetson's class and aces it. Eddie surprises Joey with a plan to spend the summer together in Europe. While Joey is excited, she's not ready to just throw away an entire summer irresponsibly, and she and Eddie end up fighting about it. After a lesson in spontanaeity from Professor Hetson, Joey changes her mind, but it's too late... Eddie's gone. Jack tries to get David to talk to him, but when he finally does, David breaks up with Jack, telling him that Jack was really just going through the motions of being in a relationship. Audrey finds out that, due to her stint in rehab, she has to take summer school.

#21 Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road: Aired Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Joey returns to Capeside to find Dawson's script on her doorstep and is overwhelmed that he has written a story about three friends, but Dawson's movie-making dreams are shattered when Pacey comes clean about losing Dawson's money. The ensuing fight opens old wounds and leaves the three friends believing their friendship will never be the same. Back in Boston, Jen has invited her mother (Mimi Rogers) from New York with the intent of telling her that she, Jack and Grams are moving to New York so Grams' can get the medical care she needs. Peter Kowalski directed the episode written by Anna Fricke.

Rating: 2.7/5

#22 Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption: Aired Wednesday, May 7, 2003

With no money to make his movie, Dawson gives up on his dream and instead, toils away at his mother's restaurant. A very determined Joey rallies all of Dawson's friends to make the movie a reality, even with next to no cash. They all spend the beginning of their summer re-creating the first season of Dawson's Creek, with Harley playing Joey and her boyfriend Patrick playing Pacey. Even Pacey, who has been a slug on Doug's couch and whose friendship with Dawson has fallen apart, goes around to local businesses in Capeside and gets them to invest in the movie... he also meets an old crush from school, Kristie, who has a drink with him. Jen, Jack and Grams depart for New York. Dawson and Pacey finally begin to mend fences when they realize that they both sacrifice their friendship because they're in love with Joey, but all Joey wants is for them to be friends. Jen and Jack start the school year at NYU. Pacey goes back to working in a restaurant. Joey finally makes it to Paris.

#23 All Good Things... Must Come to an End: Aired Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Five years in the future, everyone returns to Capeside for Gale's wedding. Pacey is now running the Icehouse restaurant and sleeping with a married woman. Joey lives in New York with her boyfriend, Christopher, and is an editor. Jen is a single mom, having been abandoned by the boyfriend that knocked her up. Jack is a teacher in Capeside, and is dating Doug Witter, who is unfortunately still closeted. And Dawson is the producer of a TV show in Los Angeles called The Creek, which is, of course, just like Dawson's Creek. Pacey gets beat up by his girlfriend's husband, and he, Dawson and Joey quickly fall back into their love-triangle ways. Jack gets fed up with dating someone in the closet. Jen doesn't tell anyone that she's having heart problems until she collapses at Gale's wedding. Then she admits to Jack, who tells their friends, that she's dying.

Realizing she still has feelings for the men from her past, Joey breaks up with Christopher over the phone, and Jen tells Joey that it's her dying wish that Joey make up her mind between Dawson and Pacey. Jack tells Jen that he definitely wants to fulfil his god-father duties and take care of her daughter, Amy, after she dies. After Dawson films Jen giving a message to her daughter, he starts to feel like his Hollywood life is silly and meaningless, but Joey assures him that being able to re-live his life through his television show is a blessing. Jen dies, and at her funeral, Pacey tells Joey that she's off the hook, and he just wants her to be happy. Joey starts to tell Pacey that she doesn't necessarily want to be off the hook when they're interrupted. Joey and Dawson admit that they're soulmates, and that their relationship is much more than being friends, or even lovers. However, it's Pacey that's in New York with Joey watching the season finale of The Creek.

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