Season 6, Episode 16: That Was Then

I guess that's what they call coming full circle, huh?

Aired: Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Rating: 2.2/3


Written by Anna Fricke
Directed by Perry Lang

Guest starring
Roger Howarth as Professor Greg Hetson
Dylan Neal as Doug Witter
Lukas Behnken as George
Taylor Handley as Patrick
Mika Boorem as Harley Hetson
and John Finn as John Witter
Mitchell Laurance as Mr. Benjamin Gold
Christopher DesRoaches as another student
Leigh Jones as female student
Rob Zapple as doctor
Featured music
"On My Way" by Off By One (Dawson arrives at Capeside High)
"Today Is Tomorrow" by Anna Waronker (playing in Harley's room)
"Break My Heart" by Anna Waronker (outside Harley's bathroom)
"Blue Mind" by Alexi Murdoch (ending song)