4th Season

#1 Coming Home
#2 Failing Down
#3 Two Gentlemen of Capeside
#4 Future Tense
#5 A Family Way
#6 Great Xpectations
#7 You had Me at Goodbye
#8 The Unusual Suspects
#9 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
#10 Self-Reliance
#11 The Tao of Dawson
#12 The Te of Pacey
#13 Hopeless
#14 A Winter's Tale
#15 Four Stories
#16 Mind Games
#17 Admissions
#18 Eastern Standard Time
#19 Late
#20 Promicide
#21 Separation Anxiety
#22 The Graduate
#23 Coda

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#1 Coming Home: Aired Wednesday, October 4, 2000

Joey and Pacey return from their boat trip to find that they weren't all that missed in Capeside. Joey's sister Gretchen, who Dawson used to have a huge crush on, is taking some time off from college and has taken Pacey's place on Doug's couch. The bed and breakfast has been doing so well that Bessie rented out Joey's room. Joey and Dawson have an awkward reunion, and when Joey reaches out to Dawson in friendship he says they're going to have to take it one day at a time. Pacey is already insecure about Joey's feelings for Dawson. Andie meets two French guys, one of whom has a girlfriend and the other of whom doesn't speak English... until he admits he was pretending and actually understood what she was saying all day long when she thought he didn't. They end up sharing a smooch anyway. Dawson has taken up photography over the summer, and has been painting houses with Jack as a summer job. Jen is missing Henry who is now at a boarding school four hours away. Everyone wants to know if Joey "did it" with Pacey on the boat, and Joey keeps mum except to imply to Dawson that they didn't.

#2 Failing Down: Aired Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Joey lies her way into a waitressing job at the Yacht Club, and her new boss's son, Drue, plays a practical joke on her. Henry uses Jack to break up with Jen long distance. Acting guidance counselor Mitch Leery tells Pacey he is in danger of failing out of school. Pacey is too ashamed to tell Joey, but Mitch confides the news to Dawson who passes it on to Joey. Joey confronts Pacey who, after pushing her away, admits that he needs her help. Pacey and Gretchen get a cottage together.

#3 Two Gentlemen of Capeside: Aired Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Pacey wants to celebrate a good grade by going out for a last sail of the season, but an assignment with Dawson keeps Joey from being able to join him. Pacey ends up taking Jen for a celebratory sail... and they get caught in a huge storm. Meanwhile, Dawsons admits to Joey that the reason he can't forgive Pacey is that Pacey didn't show any regret in hurting him. Pacey decides to take shelter in a small cove, and Dawson remembers that they once weathered a storm there together many years ago. Near death, Jen regrets never having been in love and Pacey regrets the death of his friendship with Dawson. Dawson and Joey "borrow" a boat and resuce Pacey and Jen. The next day, Pacey finally formally apologizes for Dawson for his actions last spring. Andie has a college interview with Mrs. Valentine at the yacht club. At first, Mrs. Valentine harps on Andie's bout with mental illness, but when she sees the great way Andie handles herself, and everyone else, under pressure, she reconsiders.

#4 Future Tense: Aired Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Andie bugs Jack about college apps while Jack is stressed because an injury is keeping him from playing football. Gretchen gets a job at Leery's Fresh Fish when she assures Gale that she won't take off to go back to college. When Jen blows off Drue, he throws her a fake birthday party. She warms up to him, but is disappointed all over again when Drue gives her ecstasy as a present. Joey is stressed about college and the possibility of leaving Pacey, and gets very drunk at Drue's party. Dawson finally realizes how much Joey loves Pacey.

#5 A Family Way: Aired Wednesday, November 1, 2000

Dawson is stunned to learn his fortysomething mother could be pregnant, and an uneasy Joey feels that she and Pacey are headed for sexual intercourse. She shares her concerns with Jen, who advises her to get prepared by going to the free clinic. Meanwhile, Jack's gig as a soccer coach is endangered by an amorous spectator's aggressive advances, forcing him to weigh whether to tell her he's gay.

#6 Great Xpectations: Aired Wednesday, November 8, 2000

Andie gets into Harvard early, but doesn't really feel elated about it due to her medication. A rave is happening in Capeside that night, and the whole gang decides to go. Dawson is ecstatic when his parents announce that they've decided to keep the baby. Things heat up a bit between Dawson and Gretchen, although they insist they're just friends. Drue continues to cause trouble, taunting Jen and trying to make Joey doubt Pacey. Andie gets ahold of the ecstasy pills Drue gave Jen for her "birthday" and decides to take one for the rave. The pills react badly with her anti-depressants and she ends up passing out and being admitted to the hospital. Dawson and Joey's friendship starts to mend.

#7 You had Me at Goodbye: Aired Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Joey needs a peer recommendation for college from "the person who knows her best," and after much debate, she asks Dawson to write it. Dawson considers it, but turns her down. Pacey finds out about it and is upset, but Joey points out that Dawson knows her past better, whereas Pacey will know her future better. Dawson later agrees to write the rec. Jack is very cold to Jen, blaming her for drugging his sister. Drue "admits" his and Jen's part in Andie's OD to the authorities, trapping him and Jen in community service together. Jen is hurt when Grams is incredibly disappointed in her. Dawson is still working off boat-debt by white-washing Mr. Brooks's fence. He still dislikes the elderly man, but they at least start having more meaningful conversations. After much debate, Andie decides to take her father up on his offer to spend the rest of the school year in Italy with her aunt. She gets the whole gang together for a goodbye dinner and insists that people mend the rifts in their friendships.

#8 The Unusual Suspects: Aired Wednesday, November 22, 2000

Principal Peskin's boat and golden retriever end up in the school swimming pool with "Class of 2001" inscribed on the sail. The main suspects are Jack, Dawson and Pacey, and each recounts what they did yesterday to prove that they couldn't possibly be the culprits. Pacey gained a new appreciation for his brother's job as deputy, Dawson found out more about Mr. Brooks's mysterious past and Jack lost his job as soccer coach for putting a young girl in as goalie. It becomes clear that Drue Valentine is the culprit, and Dawson, Pacey and Jack congratulate each other on a job well done... of framing Drue. Dawson and Pacey begin to mend their friendship.

#9 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Aired Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Joey drags Pacey to a college networking dinner and is upset when he fits in better than she does. Dawson learns that he and Mr. Brooks have a lot in common when he approaches the old curmudgeon for help with his college essays about film-making. Jack and Grams fill out Jen's college applications for her with they realize she's giving up on college because she doesn't want to ask her parents to pay for it. Gretchen urges the Leerys to have their annual Christmas party and ends up sharing a mistletoe kiss with Dawson at the event. Grams and Mr. Brooks flirt at the party as well.

#10 Self-Reliance: Aired Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Jen convinces Jack to attend a gay/straight support group and Jack meets Tobey, and young man who is jealous of the apparant ease with which Jack gets through life. Dawson starts filming A.I. Brooks's biography and learns that Mr. Brooks is not as healthy as he may have seemed. Mr. Brooks speaking about the love of his life makes Dawson take the risk of admitting his feelings to Gretchen even after they agree that their mistletoe kiss meant nothing. Joey, distracted by extra responsibility with Bessie and Bodie out of town and her mixed feelings about Dawson and Gretchen, does terribly on an AP English test. Pacey is boyfriend supreme, offering Joey support and help, getting her professor to let her re-take the test, and convincing her to go talk to Dawson. Dawson gives Joey a Christmas present of a lovely picture of her and Pacey.

#11 The Tao of Dawson: Aired Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Pacey tries to get Gretchen back together with her ex-boyfriend from college until he figures out what a loser the guy is. Dawson gives Gretchen a letter he wrote her many years ago. Joey and Drue get locked in a storage room together overnight. Dawson finds out that Grams is dating Mr. Brooks even though he's very sick. Dawson's parents get a sonogram of the baby.

#12 The Te of Pacey: Aired Wednesday, January 17, 2001

Pacey's birthday lives up to its famed curse when his family throws him a surprise party and he finds out he didn't even get into his backup college. Dawson tries to figure out what he and Gretchen are doing. Jen keeps trying to setup Tobey and Jack.

#13 Hopeless: Aired Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Tobey reaches out to Jack as a friend, and hopefully something more, but Jack rejects him. Mr. Brooks leans on Dawson more and more, and Grams finds out that Mr. Brooks hasn't been taking his medication. Dawson goes out with Gretchen and her friends from college and feels very young and ineffectual. Joey and Pacey go on a double date with Drue and a girl named Anna and help the odd couple connect. Joey and Pacey talk more about taking their relationship to the "next level." Dawson finds Mr. Brooks passed out in his living room.

#14 A Winter's Tale: Aired Wednesday, February 7, 2001

Dawson finds himself in the unenviable position of having to decide whether or not to keep an unconscious Mr. Brooks on life support or not. After much deliberation and a visit from one of Mr. Brooks's old friends, Dawson finally chooses to pull the plug, and airs one of Mr. Brooks's old pictures as a sort of memorial. Pacey and Joey spend the senior ski trip uncomfortable around each other because Pacey has made it clear he wants to have sex and Joey still isn't ready. After an enlightening conversation with Dawson on the phone, Joey realizes there's nothing to be scared of and Pacey and Joey put their hotel room to good use. A drunk Jen and Jack find themselves making out in their own hotel room, but Jen comes to her senses and realizes that what seems like a good idea now probably won't in the morning.

#15 Four Stories: Aired Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Joey and Pacey get stranded at the lodge when the school bus leaves without them, and share an awkward morning after while trying to make their way home. Dawson mourns Mr. Brooks, but is comforted by Gretchen. Dawson finds out Mr. Brooks left him a fairly large sum of money in his will. After being busted drinking on the school trip, Jen is sent to a therapist who surprises her. Dawson and Joey have a fun friendly night together, but when Dawson asks Joey if she slept with Pacey, she lies and says she didn't.

#16 Mind Games: Aired Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Pacey's obvious attempts to get Gretchen out of the house for the night lead his sister to deduce that he and Joey have slept together and they want to spend another night alone. Gretchen then discovers that Dawson's parents have gone away for the weekend, so she suggests they share some cozy quality time. Pacey is surprised to learn from Gretchen that Joey lied to Dawson when confronted about the couple’s night together on the ski trip, and must decide what her reluctance to tell him means about their future together. Jen tries to learn more about her therapist.

#17 Admissions: Aired Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Joey's dreams are answered and shattered at the same time when she gets into Worthington but doesn't get enough financial aid to attend. Dawson gives her the money he inherited from Mr. Brooks, even after she admits to sleeping with Pacey. Dawson is disappointed when he doesn't get into NYU film school, but ecstatic when he does get into USC. Jen and Jack decide to go to college together, but Jen has to face her demons about her parents when Jack lobbies for them to go to New York.

#18 Eastern Standard Time: Aired Wednesday, April 18, 2001

It's senior ditch day at Capeside High and Joey and Jen head to New York to confront Jen's estranged father. Dawson and Gretchen go on a road-trip that ends on a beach with a flat tire. Pacey and Drue spend the day getting drunk at a local bar.

#19 Late: Aired Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Gale, two weeks overdue, suffers through multiple bouts of false labor while holding a naming shower to think of a name for her baby. Joey fears she may be pregnant, and can't talk to Pacey who is camping with his brother, so instead confides in Gretchen. Bessie is supportive of Joey and gives her a pregnancy test. Joey is relieved when the test comes out negative. Gretchen and Dawson try to figure out their future with him going to college in California and her interview at a Boston-based magazine. Jack tries to support Tobey after the young activist is a victim of gay bashing. Gale finally gives birth and names the newest Leery Lillian, after Joey's mother.

#20 Promicide: Aired Wednesday, May 2, 2001

Our heroes's senior prom is a night of make-ups and break-ups. Pacey breaks up with Joey, telling her she deserves better than him. Gretchen breaks up with Dawson, telling him she needs to move on with her life. Jack finally admits his romantic feelings for Tobey and they share a kiss. Jen gets drunk and Drue not only keeps her from falling off the prom boat, but gives her a shoulder to cry on.

#21 Separation Anxiety: Aired Wednesday, May 9, 2001

Both Witter siblings have regrets about the way they ended their relationships at the prom. Pacey and Joey think they have a sign that they belong together, and that Pacey may be able to go to Worthington with Joey, but they are disappointed. Gretchen decides to leave town, and Dawson says that he wants to go with her, but she won't let him. Jen is upset when she finds out that Grams is selling the house to send her to college. Jen invites her grandmother to join her in Boston instead of moving to a terrible retirement community.

#22 The Graduate: Aired Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Pacey just barely graduates and decides to take that job offer to work on a boat for the summer. Pacey and Joey resolve their relationship a bit. Bessie gives Joey a letter that their mother wrote for Joey's graduation. When Andie comes back to Capeside for graduation, Jack proudly introduces her to his boyfriend, Tobey. Andie says she's deferring Harvard to stay in Italy for another year. Drue fights with his mom and gets kicked out, so Grams takes him in on the condition that he help pack up the house. Drue and Jen get busted trying to pull a graduation prank and are tortured by the principal's bad cello playing. Joey delivers the graduation speech. Drue still manages to make the sprinklers go off during graduation.

#23 Coda: Aired Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Dawson says goodbye to his friends on his last night in Capeside before leaving for the summer session of film school. Dawson's father realizes that he's being pig-headed because he's sad to see his son leave. Pacey calls Dawson to say goodbye, but doesn't call Joey. Joey and Dawson bid a sad farewell and share a last kiss. Jack spends a last night in the packed-up house with Jen and Grams.

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