Season 4, Episode 18: Eastern Standard Time

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Aired: Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Rating: 2.9/5


Full synopsis

Written by Jonathan Kasdan
Directed by David Grossman

Special guest stars
Sasha Alexander as Gretchen Witter
Dylan Neal as Doug Witter
Mark Matkevich as Drue Valentine
Guest starring
Don McManus as Theo Lindley
Rob Nagle as Dr. Tom Frost
Special Appearance by Pat Hingle as Irv

Shea Broom as the Ace waitress
Jenifer Crowell as Vera waitress
Julie Ann Horanski as Donna
James Martin Kelly as Mack
Josh Moore as junior boy
Cedric Pendleton as Tyfo
Mike Pniewski as Dr. Rockford
Toi Svane as junior girl
Featured music
"Last Lament" by Susan James (opening scene)
"I Can't Wait to Meetchu" by Macy Gray (Jen & Joey in Grand Central)
"Bring You Down" by Red Delicious (Jen introduces Joey to Typho)
"You Belong to Me" by Hypnogaja (Jen admits to Joey she's here to see her dad)
"Love In 2 Parts" by Erin McKeown (Gretchen and Dawson meet Irv)
"The Preacher" by Frostbit Blue (Gretchen in the diner)
"Sad Eyed Woman" by Tricky Woo (How did you get here from Rhode Island?)
"Letters from the Wasteland" by the Wallflowers (Jen and Joey on the roof top)
"Show Me" by Vanessa Daou (Dawson tells Gretchen he loves her)
"Sweet Jane" by the Cowboy Junkies (ending song)

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