Season 6, Episode 3: The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest

Can't be stream of consciousness if you're observing from the shores.

Aired: Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Rating: 3.3/5

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Written by Anna Fricke
Directed by Joanna Kerns

Special guest star Oliver Hudson as Eddie Doling

Guest starring
Megan Gray as Emma Jones
Roger Howarth as Professor Greg Hetson
Sebastian Spence as Professor Matt Freeman
Dana Ashbrook as Rich Rinaldi
Angela Timmerman as sympathetic girl
Liz Knight as female #1
Bobbi Baker as female #2
Andrew Seeley as male
Jeremy Fischer as co-worker #1
Johnny Alonso as co-worker #2
Micah Cover as co-worker #3
Nick Gomez as co-worker #4
Brandon Hirsch as guy in line
Featured music
"East of Eden" by 60 Cycle Hum (beginning of episode & after Eddie kicks the jukebox)
"When It Comes" by Plankeye (Jack & Emma in the kitchen)
"Blur" by Casual Blue (Joey waiting tables at the bar)
"Hold It Down" by Lee Hester (Hetson walks into the bar)
"High on the Sunshine" by Kelly Brock (going to pick up the Z8)
"We're at the Top of the World" by The Juliana Theory (Pacey closes Topper)
"Tattoo Your Image (on the World)" by Pop Unknown (Eddie walks into the bar to start work)
"Above All This" by Lee Hester (friends visiting Joey at the bar)
"I Love You So" by Laura Doyle (Pacey tells Audrey about his day)
"Now The News" by Eli (Jack & Jen say goodnight to Joey)
"As I Lay Me Down" by Sophie B. Hawkins ("Man, I hate this song.")
"The Drifter" by David Poe (ending song)