Season 6, Episode 9: Everything Put Together Falls Apart

I happen to possess a certain masculine grace.

Aired: Wednesday, November 20, 2002


Written by Maggie Friedman
Directed by Kerr Smith

Special guest stars
Oliver Hudson as Eddie Doling
Eddie Cahill as Max Winter
Guest starring
Megan Gray as Emma Jones
Roger Howarth as Professor Greg Hetson
Hal Ozsan as Todd
Dana Ashbrook as Rich Rinaldi
Bianca Kajlich as Natasha Kelly
Mick Walker as Proctor
Kelly Heyniger as Candace
Mercedes Lopez as Thelma
Mayte Arguello as Louise
Featuring dancers
Tyhm Kennedy
Lanny Scott
Lara Smith
Brett Claywell
Stephanie Nevin
Thomas Blake
Paula Jones
Featured music
"We Are Family" by Sister Sledge (opening song)
"Gone" by C60 (Eddie offers Joey his apt.)
"Static" by The Figgs ("What can I say? My gran's a sexy lady.")
"Good Time" by Out of Eden (Allow me to introduce the lovely Candace)
"Friday's Salvation" by River City Rebels (Emma arrives at the party)
"Get Down Tonight" by K.C. & the Sunshine Band ("Do you want to talk all night, or do you wanna dance?")
"Hi-Life" by Iffy ("I'm going to go to the loo before I say something Pacey regrets.")
"Whispers from Heaven" by Glenn Graham & Amy Graham (Joey and Eddie argue)
"Green Tomatoes" by 45 Dip (Pacey and Rinaldi talk about Emma and Pacey's future)
"Parting Shot" by No Knife (Prof. Hetson sits at Joey's table)
"The Remedy" by Reed Foehl (Eddie tells Joey he got fired)
"Into the Light" by Alice Peacock (Joey and Eddie ice skating)